Funding woes hit Kachere Rehabilitation Centre

Malawi disability

Management at Kachere Rehabilitation Centre in Malawi’s commercial capital, Blantyre has complained about the inadequate funding they have been receiving from government over the past years.

According to the administrative officer for the centre, Mrs Grolia Kanu, the centre’s operations have currently been not going on well as they have inadequate funds to support day to day activities.

She said they used to get funding from the international community on top of the treasury money in previous years but the poor relationship the country has had with donors made them stop their funding hence the centre relies on government only.

Kanu added that every year, they wait for the treasury to give them money but it turns out to be little compared to the way they use it.

Malawi disability
Kachere Rehabilitation Centre hit by economic woes.

“Kachere is the only referral rehab centre in the country which caters for physiotherapy treatment. It is so sad to see that our services are not developing, that we are failing to accommodate more patients in the only clinical centre and yet there is no progress that we are going to have another rehab soon,” said Kanu.

She further said the clinic cater for 40 admitted and 20 outgoing patients which she stated as a major challenge since many of the admitted patients stay for more than 8 months and the country has many people in need of urgent intensive treatment.

“Kachere at least needed to have large space to accommodate more patients not limited as it have now so that some patients are not left behind,” she said.

Kachere rehabilitation centre’s services are free of charge and the centre treats people who need intensive rehabilitation treatment such as people suffering from stroke, tuberculosis for bones and those affected by accidents.

The centre is run by Malawi against Physical Disability (MAPD), a non-governmental organization which receives a subvention from government.

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  1. Yes i know about Kachere rehabilitation centre it is based in the heart of Blantyre they work to help people with disabilities. it is in southern region of Malawi. Malawi is divided into three regions,Southern region,Central region and northern region i am based. Northern region of Malawi has 5 major districts namely Mzimba,Nkhata bay,Rumphi, Karonga and Chitipa bordering Tanzania. We are in Mzimba district where our office is. Northern region has one small and beautiful city known as Mzuzu City. i hope you will enjoy this city when you will be on visit to Malawi.

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