Malawi MPs ‘quarrel’ in Parliament


Deliberations in Malawi  Parliament were cut short on Tuesday afternoon following disagreements between members from the opposition and government sides which forced second deputy speaker, Clement Chiwaya, to adjourn the house to Wednesday afternoon.

The disagreement arose because the opposition side did not want to concede defeat on a vote in which every Member of Parliament present in the house participated in.

The house had to decide whether to continue with other business or debate on a presentation made by minister of education Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano.


Parliamentarians in disagreements.

The minister of education had told the house in his presentation that government abolished JCE because it is no longer a requirement for one to get employed and that Capital Hill was spending a lot of money to have the exams written.

In response, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera was very quick to point out that as opposition they are not in support of government’s approach to education.

Leader of the house, Francis Kasaila, then made a reaction that exasperated the opposition.

Kasaila said: “During MCP rule, Malawians were very poor and they were paying school fees, now they are also poor and they will also be paying.”

Kasaila then went on to ask the deputy speaker to command the house to continue with other issues since it was government’s day of business and there was no room for debate.

But resistance from the opposition benches grew stronger such that the speaker was forced to call for a vote to decide the way forward; whether to debate or to continue with other business on the order paper.

The outcome of the vote favored the government side which was of the view that the house had to continue with other business.

It was Kasaila again who riled the opposition to make matters worse in the house.

He said: “Mr. second deputy speaker sir, we should just continue with business, the opposition is using all these tactics to delay proceedings.”

This did not go well with the opposition who demanded Kasaila to sit down if there were to be peace in the house.

The situation got out of hand thereby forcing Chiwaya to suspend the house to Wednesday afternoon, much to the satisfaction of the opposition.



  1. kod maiko aanzathu aopossition kulibe nanga bwanj samamvekako ngat athuwa does t mean kut athuwa nd mbuli parliament yakumalawi zachison

  2. if kasaila is a minister he should see the stark differences between mcp era and now. we are now poorer than then. you know it in your heart. don’t speak just to please your master.

  3. So the opposition members were now satisfied after the Deputy Speaker called for adjournment? This implies that ankafuna adjournment yo! She-e-e our “opposition”

  4. Malawians were better off during Kamuzu Banda’s reign. Now the country is getting poorer every day. People were able to pay school fees because they had money and education standards were high.

  5. Quarrel? of cos they must, and that’s nothing check other parliaments MPs fight blow to blow and u talking about quarelling?

  6. nothing will change, the fact that we are not united to work together as a nation and see where what and how can we manage and overcome the challenges we are facing as a nation

  7. boma silimasitha amangosintha nd mabedwe a ndalama,, mungokhalira ku kangana pamapeto pake mumalandla ma allowance,,,kuzkundkila nokha chuma, malawi sazatukuka,,

  8. Akasaila mwati anawa sukulu azilipila monga nthawi ya kamuzu? Koma a DPP mukuzifunira sogolo la bwino? Ziganizo ndi mfundo zanu zinazi ndi zoopsa kwambili. Amalawi kumuziku ayambatu kukudandaulani. Mwakweza feteleza, mwakweza xool fees, mukufuna odwala azilipila panonso mukuti azilipira ku primary koma shaaaaaaaaaa phuno salotadi etiiiii………mfiti mmanja.

  9. kumwalira kwa ma mp kukupereka tanthauzo kwa osalawo kut kwathu sipazko ndye akukanganira ztizo?palibe chmene chkusinthapo apa mbava zokha zokha iz.