Malawians want Mutharika to keep chartering private jets

Peter Mutharika

A section of Malawians have unleashed venom on Malawi24 following reports that President Peter Mutharika has chartered a private jet on his trip to Malta for the Commonwealth Conference.

After Malawi24 revealed that Mutharika, despite outrage that followed his extravagant spending at the UN where he had chartered a private jet, some Malawians took time to dress down this publication for making the revelation.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika garners public backing

“Did you want the President to take a bus, what is wrong with you Malawi24?” asked Twambirire Nyirongo in reacting to the post.

“Sometimes people think that if the President uses a taxi or minibus to go abroad then the economic challenges will change overnight. It doesn’t work just like that,” wrote Saulosi Kachitsa.

Others justified the decision to charter the jet claiming it was because the government of Joyce Banda sold the Presidential jet.

“When you were selling the private jet did you think the President will be travelling using a wheelbarrow or he has wings that he can use for flying, stop abusing our intelligence Malawians,” wrote Ruth Chidule.

Meanwhile others have said Mutharika is still extravagant despite saying that he is doing reforms to save the country.



  1. As We Know Amalaw Tilibe Ndege Ndiye Mukufuna Presedent Azikwera Kabaza

  2. This One Is The Prezdent Of The Republic Of Malaw Nde Sindikuwonapo Chovuta Apa Sikuti Iyeyo Wapita Ngat Headteacher Ayi Koma Prezdent.

  3. Iwe Admin imafuna President akwele 3 tonnes, you must be serious when posting your article on this page, if you are writing on this page on political issue, you must first before posting, a President is a highly respected person.

    1. Patrick are u mentally normal?Politicians doesn’t bring food on my table so I have nothing to do with voting.More especially in Malawi soon after voting those very same people you have voted for become looters and enrich themselves forgetting those who crowned them.They turn to be robbers behaving like gangstars.

  4. Are there reforms at all? The thing is you don’t spend what you don’t. Do you dream or plan to cook rice when you don’t have any. In a real life situation, circumstances dictate. In our crashing economy, it would help if our leadership do some sacrificing. If we want to sustain our economy, this country can’t afford the luxury of using the type of vehicles ALL the branches of government use. We need sanity here. Even developed countries don’t have such a big appetite for luxury.

  5. A Malawi ake ati? zoti president wapita kunja a Malawi tilibe nazo ntchito…kwathu ndi kumunda kusosa ndi kuthirila nazale za fodya basi….

  6. Dont be cheated Malawi 24, those who support it are for it not in good faith.That is the art work of the party on social media to counter argue facts.

  7. how much charted plan? because tisaiwale pa MBC anyoza learder of opposition chifukwa cha galimoto lero he continure chirting plan is he saving?

  8. JB was blamed for travelling up and down and now APM wants a jet for what? stay at home there is no money in gvt why do you want to travel on credit when we don’t have money?

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