Private Radio closed in Salima

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The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) has closed Chisomo Radio in Salima which was being illegally operated by Jefferson Saguga.

on airThe Macra officials were tipped off by Police about the pirate radio and the regulatory body obtained a search warrant from Lilongwe Magistrate court, a process that led to the arrest of Saguga.

Confirming the development on Monday, Macra communications officer Clara Mulonya said Saguga was charged with two offences under section 98 1(a) and (3) which states: “Any person who operates a radio station, except ~[a] and a radio exempted under subsection[2] of section 35, or [b] a radio station controlled by the authority pursuant to section 43, without a lincence issued or deemed to have been issued under part IV shall be guilty of an offence”.

She said the illegal broadcaster has since been handed a 6 month suspended sentence for 3 months by the Salima first magistrate court.

Mulonya said the court showed Saguga leniency because he pleaded guilty and did not waste their time. According to Mulonya, the convict started operating the radio more than a month ago and he defied Macra’s warning on the illegal act.

Saguga has since been told not to operate the radio station again until he fulfills all regulatory obligations.



  1. Once organisation operates illegally public may not know their mission and interest. It is not possible to employ people because it operates without procedures and regulations. In absence of regulations governing its operations employees might not be ensured of proper terms of their conditions of service including security, safety and benefits such as salary, leave, pension, promotions; since there is no guarantee of its operations. Organisation must declare to govt their sponsors, their mission, how many employees will they have, will it be permanent or temporary? Who are the administrators, how will they pay tax and coverage. This is important for the benefit of both the business proprietor and employees, as well as general public. Laws governing NGOs, Private companies, etc are enacted and reviewed by Malawi general assembly. Therefore, If you do not know do not comment or just inquire from those who know . All businesses must have operating licenses from govt/ Authority. This is statute requirement.

  2. That’s the problem if it was operated illegally then they were supposed to find a way to promote so that other people can get employment through that because that was hidden talent,When will the Government understand that promoting people will help in solving economic crisis,shame to MACRA and the Government for not supporting our own people.

  3. tilindi mavuto azachuma kale mukanangomuuza ndalama zoti akulipileni komaso azilipila msonkho basi ndikumpatsa layisesiyo basi

  4. Mwachedwa nayo nkhaniyi. Idachitika mwezi wathawoo. Mudalikut abongololo inu potulutsa nkhaniyi lero

    1. Za ziii,iwe ngati wawerenga kale nkhaniyi osangokhala chete bwaaa? Ukuganiza kuti tonsefe taona nao nkhani zomwe iwe waonazo? Lemekeza ufulu wa am’nzako ena.

  5. Macra Osatseka Radio1 yabozayi bwanji?msogoleri akakhala pa udindo yes bwana akachoka joice wakuba mumatitenga ngati chani?bwanji osaneneratu zinthu zisanaipe?close it ngati mulibe mbali.

    1. Ati zoipa zonse zimakambidwa mtsogoleri akachoka pa udindo,chonchi dziko lingatukuke bwanji ngati akubisa zomwe boma likulephera kukwaniritsa chitukuko cha dziko? I hate MBC radios,tikufuna chilungamo chibale zipatso zochuluka mdziko muno.

    2. MBC is mother of all radio stations in Malawi. It employs many Malawians and has largest number of employees than any other radio in the land. It has trained many staff as regards to production, engineering, broadcasting, recording, advertising, presentation, news features and commentary. Some of well known former employees of MBC are Lucius Chikuni who is former General Manager of MBC, Gospel Kazako, Maria Chidzanja, Owen Lupeska at Zodiak, Patrick Kankwatira at Star Radio. The list can include many more staff at Joy Radio, Capital FM, Galaxy etc…..All these radios you see today and having staff walking ‘tukumutukumu’ are products of MBC.
      You may wish to know, MBC is govt Statutory Corporation. It is therefore largely sponsored by govt, to advance govt interest, agenda, policies and principles. It is a large body serving Malawian government and those of majority Malawians. That is why MBC can be monitored from Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and other surrounding countries. That is to promote govt interest and speak for govt. Nothing else. MBC is not there for contrary views other than those of govt. Even BBC, voice of America, France International, radio Moscow are examples of govt owned broadcasting services.

    1. Nsanje Ya chan-nso try to Open the Link and Understand akut he Can Proceed with The Radio When He Get All Neccesary Papers Nde Nsanje Il Kut Pamenepa

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