Girl killed by boyfriend in Mzuzu


A sombre atmosphere swallowed up Sonda Township in Malawi’s northern region city of Mzuzu, where people discovered the bodies of a girl identified by villagers as Gertrude Nyirenda and her baby brother who are believed to have been murdered by Nyirenda’s boyfriend.

Malawi24 follow up on the story on Wednesday; found that the boy, Anthony Gumbo has a tendency of proposing girls and later killing them to give sacrifices to his marine spirits, according to locals.

Sources claimed that the deceased was not the first one in the city as related cases have already been reported in the past years. They confessed that the boy is good looking and financially stable that when he comes in every area, he becomes every girl’s choice.

Attracted by the financial background of the boy, the deceased girl was loyal to every arrangement he had for her.

Murder on the rise in Malawi.

According to our source, with the consent of the girl’s parents, the couple could have some regular hangouts to Chikale beach, Lhano Park and some luxurious hotels in town.

Our source claimed that the suspect managed to convince the girl’s parents with Lobola amounting to MK 900, 000 but they too were ignorant of the motives of their son in-law.

“Malawian parents like money too much. He managed to blind them with only about MK 900, 000 and could hang out with their daughter freely. They thought with his financial background, he was suitable to manage their daughter,” said Amosi Mlotha.

It is believed that despite the marriage arrangements, nobody knew where the boy was coming from as he cheated them of owning a big business in the city.

Because he had money nobody dared to ask him further and everyone in the area thought he was the in-law that would change the family’s financial story.

“Nobody cared about his origin, everyone thought he was mature enough and could take care of the family. Even when paying for the bride price, he just came with his three friends who were also well to do,” added Mlotha.

Just last week the couple had another hang out but this one was the last one for the girl because the boy took him to a certain forest where in company of his friends, they killed and chopped her breasts along with her private parts before burning her.

Days later a certain woman who has her garden close to the wilderness got a strange smell and when she followed up, she found that the girl was burnt from legs to the neck but only the  head was left with some minor injuries thus it was easy for people to identify her.

“They found her in the bush stinking. Because she was not completely burnt, we easily identified her and the issue was reported to police who had their investigations on the scene. We buried her two days ago,” Mlotha said.

Village headman Zgambo of the area has since confirmed the development adding that the deceased girl was killed together with her baby brother she carried along on this fateful day.

“The girl also carried her young brother to where they went. He also died and we found his body yesterday. We buried the same day,” said Zgambo.

When asked for to comment, the girl’s parents claimed to have nothing to say but only maintained that God knows why they have lost two children simultaneously.

When contacted to confirm the development, Police publicist for Mzuzu sub inspector Patrick Saulosi asked for time to comment on the matter.

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  1. Shame On Malawian Parents…!! I Am Very Khuzed…! May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

  2. Kundende kukumafera amphawi chinyengo chilipaliponse I don’t even bellive a police chilungamo alibe chimene amafuna ndi ndalama basi even ma court therent justis I am let’s wait the judgement frtom God Nbellive me this killer ngati agwide koma kundende sakakhalitsako in few years to come mudzanvanso kuti he has done the same thing 0oo Loard have mercy on malawi

  3. When Northerners see money, they opt for it at the expense of their daughters.

    Just because the guy had/has money you didn’t take time to trace his roots?
    Kutengeka ndi ndalama, wena mpoto, mwagulitsa miyoyo ya ana.

  4. Osanyozana guys,,,,,tonse ndife amodzi,,,,one Malawi one Nation,,,,,,,may their souls rest in peace.

  5. We learn thru mistakes, from now onwards lets be alert

  6. Ziphanani anthu oyipa inu ndi openga mwapanga bwanji. Kusogoloku tizakuthamangisani kumwela ndipakati muzikazuzana nokhanokha kwanu kumpoto kwanuko. Agalu inu !

  7. mtumbuka nd kapedi et nanga kuchibwezi amatenga mwana??? Kkkkkkkkk…..koma mtumbuka sazatheka!nde onanano mwaphetsa mwana osalakwa kupusa!……#mtumbuka_dzuka

    1. Panyapako mtumbuka chani apa anthu osazindikila ngati nde amene mumayambitsa mikangano mudziko anthu nkumapha grow up asswholeee

    2. Panyapako mtumbuka chani apa anthu osazindikila ngati inu ndi amene mumayambitsa mikangano mudziko anthu nkumaphana grow up asswholeee

  8. If this is indeed the true story then its avery unfortunate because naturaly we do not expect somebody created by God to act in this way….to ladies out there i think u must learn something from this story am not againt your wishies to have life partners who are rich…but u must have time to assess the source of that richness u are looking for otherwise it will cost your live…mind you there is no second life on earth after this.

  9. Ndikukaika ngati amangidwa ameneyo coz onse opanga zakupha akukonderedwa ndi dzikoli. God will judge you people of murder.

  10. The guy was not paying lobola but rather making an investment. Am a tumbuka, i’ve never heard lobola of that magnitude{K900,000}. This could have surprised her parents. The guy new that his return on investment will surpass that amount. Glad that he has been arrested. So sad RIP.

  11. We should never push ourselves into rich families sometimes coz you don’t know the secret behind their wealth. Let’s find lovers that are within our class, we can also become rich through our own hardworking as long as we are alive.

  12. Ma days osiliza anthu azakhara okonda ndalama tsekulani maso muone poti nthawi yayandikira. magirls nower days amafuna mamuna wakhusa ine sangandilore akuti ndiwapasa chani ndikabaza wangayi koma akhusawotu ndiamene akumakupangani zimenezi. mmm kaya R.I.P

  13. vuto laketu kukomedwa ndi ndalama,safunsa anadya phula

  14. Atsikana a ku Malawi ngati simusamala anthu azikupangirani zizimba. Ndi njala iliko chaka chinoyi basi Makolo nawo ankangoti atola chikwama osaziwa kuti atola maloza.

  15. Dis man killin dem galz man we da hunt em! kil em .unfair

  16. ma chick ena ngodelera heavy koma I can’t take someone`s life ndikhonza kungomuphika basi mkumusiya asadzayambirenso kwa ena in future

  17. dnt pt a brame on parents we girls now days we’re problemz hw cn we proceed tu b in lv with aperson who we rly dnt know mmmm anyway RIP

  18. Km kutengela pa shalia low opha xake aphedwe ndiye akaphedwa zofunika kukatengaso sister wake wang’ono aphedwetso kubwezeretsa pa yong blother wamalemuwa.Rest in perfect p

  19. wages of sin is death.and money is roots of evil.know that all treasures on earth is owned by its better to secure heavenly wealthy

  20. Get a lesson boys & girls coz ths issue sounds very bad. 1 day it might b u. Take my advise into consideration & dont rush 4 money coz it cant b satisfied.

  21. Aphedwe nayeso,azingotiphera matsuna athuwa? Xachamba eti!!!!!

  22. Anthu mukuti makolo achimalawi ndiokonda ndalama, yekhayo yemwe sadzakhala kholo mpaka kufa ndamene angayankhule mau amenewo cz kupeleka bride price sizichitika ku malawi kokha en inu mukutelonu mwina mwakulira ku america…Zaziii

  23. Panopa mwezi watha Saulosi ali ku traffic, pano ndi traffic police officer, nde mwati ndi P.R.O and wapanga confirm nkhani yanuyi? Osamangoloweza guys anthu adzasiya kukhulupilira ka page kanuka

  24. Latest info on the story akuti mwamunao amugwira apolisi ndipo akuvaya nayo ku Zomba…..Nkhani ndiyokhaokhao kuno kw Sonda. RIP ss

  25. Anthu ambiri amacomenta atangowelenga mutu okha which is vry bad,,ngati anthu akondana palibe angaletse even makoro ndipo mamunayo akuti ndikhalidwe lake lets not blame anyone here,,,RIP

  26. I totaly agree with the admin ..malawian parents are easily conviced with money to sell their daughters even if they don’t know everything of the husband to their daughter …poverty is killing us what a shame !!!

  27. Kupha munthu mmodzi ndi life in prison koma apa ndi awiri ndiye ndi times 2. Ameneyo aphedwe basi ena atengelepo phunziro.

  28. ndikadakonda chilango choti wopha mzake aphedweso chitabwerera, its unfair kumusiya wina ndimoyo mzake ataphedwa, palibeso zaufulu coz if someone fails to respect someone’s right there is no reason to feel pity,kuphana kwa chuluka.

  29. chinavuta ndi chani kt zifike pamenepa?oky fine!vuto akazika amaonjeza amatha kukhala ngati akumukonda mamuna at the end amamukhumudwitsa…guys zisamafike mpaka pamenepa….may her soul rest in peace.

  30. mai kalanga ine!! mwati? eish ndikutha kuona zoterezi zikupitirira,koma zidzafika poipa #3_more_years_2_come.’the boy shud b killd as wel’ oh may her soul rest in peace.

  31. Oooh so sad…komanso makolo titengelepo phunziro apa, basi mukangoona mamuna ochita bwino mmati koma ameneyo….nde ndi izotu mwaphetsa ana chifukwa cha dyela lanu…ma hang out ndi munthu osamudziwa kwawo ngati ameneyo chonsechonso silinali banja mmmm mdede ndi ndalama mwataitsa miyoyo ya ana

  32. the man deserves not only to be killed but also hail. would you (police) please ignore the penal code, kill him the moment you catch that disciple of jabulosi.

  33. Too bad…i think it’s really important to be careful when choosing a partner for marriage

  34. Very sad may there soul rest in peace amen

  35. So vamala wuli pera? wamukola munthu uyo wakoma msungwana or….!!!!!!!?????? Nkhani yamalira mu malele!

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