Heavy storm destroys property in Malawi


Heavy rains accompanied by gusty winds caused damage to property in Blantyre on Monday as trees came down on houses and electricity lines, affecting normal life.

The heavy winds damaged houses in Machinjiri, Ndirande, Bangwe and other areas.

This will likely lead to persistent blackout as major power lines have been brought down and disrupted in several parts of the city.

Trees and branches came down on electricity wires plunging several houses into more darkness.

Storm Malawi
Storm cuts electricity lines.

In some areas Malawi24 visited, a storm has badly affected houses, as some of them have had iron sheets and tiles blown off.

In Makheta area, a government clinic hospital has had its roof blown off. This has damaged drugs and other medical equipment worth thousands of Malawi Kwacha.

According to residents in visited areas, no life had been lost and no casualties were being reported.

“Only property have been damaged and the fear is electricity power lines that have fallen over houses.This means another months of blackout. Our prayer is that it shouldn’t be like last year,” stated Mama Phiri.

Meanwhile Electricity Supply cooperation of Malawi (Escom) is yet to start restoring power supply lines.



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