Malawi government to trim down budgets for district councils

Chiradzulu District Hospital

As Malawi continues to swim through hot waters due to economic woes, this publication can reveal that government has plans to trim down funds it apportions to district councils across the country.

A Source within the ministry of local government and rural development has told Malawi24 that the move has been arrived at due to lack of adequate funds. Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said that last month some districts were given very little than usual.

“Check with district commissioners on this, they will tell you that they now get less than usual. I have seen documents of some districts that have received less last month,” he claimed.

Chiradzulu District Hospital
No extra money for public facilities.(Chiradzulu District Hospital)

Mzimba district commissioner, Thomas Chirwa confirmed the development.

Chirwa said that unlike in the past, last month his district was given MK193 million instead of MK 243 million. To him, the development came as a surprise considering that there was no official communication on the change. “We received less than usual but there was no proper communication on the change,” he said.

He went on to trash government for the plan saying his district is vast and trimming down funds will affect development plans they set up as a council.

“We are likely to face acute hunger in our district plus many other projects that require a lot of funding. The decision is not welcome because it will definitely affect development here,” said Chirwa.

Efforts to source confirmation on the matter from the ministry responsible proved futile as officials declined to comment.

Meanwhile, it remains blur as to how much will be trimmed down from the budgets of such district councils.




  1. Apa miyendo ili m’malere.Mpaka ma officials kulephera kuyankha.How are u Peter?

  2. what r u doing is nothing if u depend much on gvt u r just wasting ur time fck all members of gvt

  3. I don’t see the use of the concellors and the members of parliament.These people, are there to wast government money coz they are doing nothing in their areas.

  4. District Councils are already underfunded so does it make sense to trim their budget ?.The President has failed that is all we can say ,let him accept there is nothing he can do.

  5. We hv always said this is govt of failures.shortly the we trim budget fo health.why cant u step down if u cant manage? Idiots rulling acountry this is where danger lies

  6. I think this goverment will do us no good! Mr president don’t you hear our sorrow voice?

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