Mzimba secondary school in chaotic state

Mzimba Secondary School

Despite reaching 50 years of existence, one year short of Malawi’s independence last Saturday, Mzimba secondary school remains in a chaotic state as students at the institution admitted to Malawi24 that they sleep on bare floors and learn in overcrowded classrooms.

One form three scholar, cried lungs out at the situation his school is facing. To him there was nothing to celebrate but regret at how government has forsaken the institution for 50 years.

“I am one of students sleeping on bare floor due to lack of beds here. It’s really pathetic to confess that we don’t find any relief because in class we jam-pack as if we are at a music show,” said the student who opted for anonymity.

Mzimba Secondary School
Mzimba Secondary School:In poor state.

Other students our reporter spoke with echoed the same problems and added that their teachers are also not at peace being at the institution because they do not have houses close-by.

Head teacher for the school Timothy Kumwenda said they have had the problems for many years. “We have only 13 teacher houses, six hostels – two for girls, four for boys – and eight classes against 542 students. You can see how difficult it is to manage things.

“We don’t have option but to let some sleep on the floor. We have no adequate beds because the metal ones we have are already a problem, we maintain them daily,” said Kumwenda.

Malawi24 checked the school’s hostels and saw 80 beds in each though most of them were in a very outdated state.

Despite such challenges the institution is looking after students with special needs. One of them confessed how the problems are affecting his studies.

“It’s really difficult here due to such challenges. We are really affected,” he said.

Commenting on the matter, deputy minister of education Vincent Ghambi claimed government will urgently come in but then urged other stakeholders to consider lending their hands.

“We will urgently bail them out,” said Ghambi

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  1. Ah ah. Do something about it. Make a fundraiser and fix it yourselves, kukhalangati ana aan’gono odalila makolo awo bwanji?

  2. Gone were the days.Very Sad indeed.

  3. if Malawi as a national itself is stil strugglin economicaly even aftr 51 yrs of independence..wat mo Mzimba sec xul???

  4. If we always wait for government to fix schools for us after the same government made us where we are and call ourselves alumni of these institutions without doing anything it means the government pool its resources on wrong crop of people. Borrow a leaf from Nkhotakota, Thyolo, Luchenza secondary school just to mention but a few who are fundraising for their schools

  5. Many people that were schooled there are just, making noise and roting in Bt, LL and Zomba. So you are waiting for someone from Sukasanje Phalombe to come and renovate it for you. Where is your MP? Call him now, he is just sitting phwii in the National Assembly! That’s laziness.

  6. Pitani Mukamve Zomwe Chimunthu Banda Ndi Anzake Omwe Anaphunzira Pa Nkhotakota Secondary School Apanga Mmalo Momangokhala Diso Kunjira Kudikilira Boma Kuti Lithandize School Yoti Ndi Yao.Badikirani Choncho Kumzimbako.

  7. What have u done on ur part ? Oryt, i get it…. U want to put blame on government ? If u r responsible enough do somethng

  8. Not only Mzemba all day secondary schools in Malawi are dilapidated. This is the problem with Ministry of Education, they need to budget for the maintenance of these Schools

  9. Is this 50 years of independence or slavery? do somethng, very sad.

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