Five injured in Machinjiri road accident

The commuter only relied on a shop to stop finally.

Five people are in critical condition after a Toyota sprinter they were travelling in collided with a  minibus in Malawi’s Machinjiri Township in Blantyre City on Saturday afternoon.

The accident took place at Area Five stage.

The minibus, registration number DZ 3439 hit Toyota sprinter E.vintage registration number NU 4530 .

According to eye witness at the scene Mrs Patuma Chipoka said the sprinter was coming from Blantyre Central Business District (CBD) road where as the commuter was coming from Limbe heading the opposite way Blantyre.

The witnesses told Malawi24 that as the minibus was about to turn, the breaks became loose and the driver failed to control the speeding commuter.

It was after this that it hit the other vehicle before it moved past a girl in her teens who sat along with her other friend at shops close to the scene.

The girl is reportedly injured and has been taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

“There was only the driver in the minibus which was coming from Mangochi and dropped people at Limbe depot and a family of 3 in the Toyota sprinter who are all injured” she said.

The minibus belongs to Honourable  Musowa Member of Parliament of Mulanje Mbiza Constituency.

Meanwhile the identities of the victims remain unknown.

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  1. Machinjiri Township in Blantyre City on Saturday afternoon.

  2. Life is so precious thank God no one died,wishing the injured a quick recovery.

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