Government knows causes of market fires

Henry Mussa

The Malawi Government through Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development has assured all vendors across the country that market fires will soon become history since the ministry now knows their causes.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Thursday, the minister responsible Henry Mussa said his ministry has also established remedies to the markets fire problem.

Henry Mussa
Mussa says govt now has clues.

Mussa who was appointed by President Peter Mutharika to chair a task force on market fires in July, claimed that all paperwork has been done and they are ready to implement the recommendations they gathered from stakeholders.

“We are yet to implement recommendations but we are almost done and soon we will put what we gathered to practice,” said Mussa.

This publication’s peep into some recommendations gathered by the task force found that the ministry will work with councils on how to implement some workable safety measures in markets across the country.

The ministry will also reason with commercial banks and lending institutions on how victims of such fires may be repaying their loans.

This comes after the country experienced five market fires between September and October this year.



  1. koma chifukwachotu ndiye simukuchutchula apa?kapena alipo wa amvetsetsa andunawa za chifukwa chake?Ndiye mavenda adzngoti athetsa vuto mwina adzati vuto ndimavenda ogulitsa mawaya amagetsi?kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkoma boma ilinso aaaaaaaaaa.

  2. thats sounds good,but tells who is involved in recent fire blasts which have gutted aproxmately to billions of kwachas of innocent Malawian vendors.And that one mustn’t run the long arm of law to convet those having this evil thinking capacity in heads.Dont just speak to cool us noooooo!!

  3. Fire,fire ,fire while our friends are discussing innovation to make money out their then we expect to change kkkkkkkkkk nyasaland

  4. Should we trust you honourable minister , how long have u been in power sir, i dont think you know what u are telling malawians,

  5. If they know their causes where were they all these years? Is this the first time DDP has reigned or were the recent fires the only fires?
    Keep on receiving money and reaping from the poor Malawi, your fate is coming…

  6. Ndiye Aba ndarama zokwanirano akatero,msika ukapsa umva zoti taononga ma million ambiri pokozanso zinthu zina ndi zina liri bodza ndithu.cashgate ku msika amaotcha ndiomwewa basi

  7. Nonsense….. what you write does not correspond to your titles/heading, this proves that you lack proffessionalism… i dnt enjoy your articles honestly….

  8. Good news bt stop assuring us always yet we see no change,l wonder why since you got into power last year these fire accidents became too much than before,,,,,may b the gov is promoting fire development???????

  9. Beatfull, for that the MG have investigate the reason why our Markets are always on fire. Remember it started during Bingu Wa Mutharika rule where by NGO’S, Bingus Government and Oposition parties were not tolelant. We thought that it was the opposition parties or NGO’S who were sending badfriends to blaze Markets and offecies. The issue of fire was neverever of the past. Thats why we think that it is done delibately and politically

  10. Kod¡ N’chfukwa chan m¡ska ¡makonda kupsa usku?No doubt ¡ts man made.

  11. Mayooo ine nkhani ya misika ikhala history? Mumaotcha dala kuti muzitiuza zopusazi. Nanga ngati mukudziwa bwanji sinanene yemwe amayatsa moto kapena chomwe chimayambitsa motowu?

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