The death trap: Lake Malombe

Lake Malombe

Lake Malombe is a water body in southern part of Malawi, on the Shire River. It is located at around about 12KM south of the much larger Lake Malawi.

The lake is extremely shallow with an average depth of approximately eight feet. Lake Malombe is used by most villagers for fishing, washing and swimming.

Although it has benefited the villagers, Lake Malombe has also affected the lives of many because of crocodiles which are in the lake and whose number is increasing every day.

In a village known as Chiwaula in Mangochi a lot of people have been affected by the number of crocodiles that are increasing each day and this has affected the lives of villagers.

Lake Malombe
Lake Malombe: A death trap.

In the past 3 years 5 people have been killed by crocodiles and two people were attacked to the extent that they are now disabled.

Speaking to Malaw24, wife of chief Kulimisewu of traditional authority Steven said crocodile numbers in Lake Malombe is increasing so much and they live in fear because their young children like swimming in the lake.

She explained that there are now trying their best to control the young ones so that they shouldn’t play near the lakeside and the villagers have been warned to take care when going to the lake and never to go alone.


Bernard Yunusu is one of the victims who were attacked by the crocodile. He explained that the day he was attacked he went alone to catch fish during early hours of the morning because he had no money.

He explained that he wasn’t attacked in the lake but near the lakeside where the area is full of grass, but luckily enough, some fishermen who were also coming to fish at the lake heard him and rushed to save him.

Yunusu survived from the mouth of the hungry predator but he was heavily attacked on his leg that he can’t walk again.



  1. Iwe prisca unaona nyanja iri pa round about ndiponso ukuti nyanjayi yakuya 8 feet unaphunzira kuti?anzako akugwiritsa ntchito metric mphwanga jack up

  2. The name of the Wife’s chief is Misewo not Kulimisewo and the name of the Traditional Authority is Chimwala not Steven as per say.

  3. Let the wildlife guys do their job by terminating some of these reptiles or sending them somewhere where they can be of much help than where they are.

  4. Why no shoot to kill some of these predators?
    Infact we can no compare crockdiles and lions. Lions are controllable than these reptiles.

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