Public resources up for grabs!

Malawi Parliament

Malawians should brace for more tough times ahead with reports that Members of Parliament have squandered millions of kwacha on meetings that never happened and funds for external travel despite the fact that the legislators did not travel at all.

According to a local paper , almost all Parliament departments have already spent more than expected 25 percent of their allocations provided by Treasury in the first quarter of the financial year.

Parliament: Where money is being spent ‘foolishly’.

Speaking to Malawi24, Lilongwe based political analyst Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri described the situation as very pathetic since it’s happening at a time the country is facing socio and economic challenges.

Malingamoyo Phiri said people should continue expecting the downfall of the already ailing economy and more serious problems if politicians continue not being considerate to poor Malawians.

He stated, most of people in the country are in the position just to embezzle tax payers money and that they are no longer servants to the people.

“Its a thing that shows Malawi is having serious trouble. its very difficult that Malawians will still have confidence in politicians especially those that are in parliament today. Parliamentarians are just squandering tax payers money. We have along way to go for economy to actually restore. We need to have alternatives for overhaul of Malawi politics. People are in position embezzle money and not being servants to the people,” worriedly said Malingamoyo Phiri.

He then pointed the political landscape as the main contributor that has destroyed Malawi, arguing that lawmakers have turned themselves into into lawbreakers.

Lazarus Chakwera, Richard Msowoya, Malawi Congress Party
Chakwera and Msowoya being criticized for leading the ‘party’.

“We should expect tough times because lawmakers are becoming law breakers. These are people that are entrusted with authority but now they are the very same people destroying the country. Time has come for Malawians to have good leadership. The very same people we think they have experience are the ones that are destroying the economy,” he cited.

This follows reports about a whooping K300 million that has already been spent on vehicles for the Speaker and his two deputies and Malawi Congress Party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

In the meantime, there is pressure on the part of the Treasury to release MK 1.2 billion for luxurious cars wealthy MK 90 Million each, MK 401 million for additional meetings and plenary meetings pegged at K166 million.

The information further shows that another K580 million is for fuel for six month by the.

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  1. These stories are intended to cover up UNGA saga. Shifting the blame will not help ordinary malawians but changing ways of doing things for the better

  2. The aim of the opposition is bring about problems while DPP is in power with an intention of finding weaknesses, so DPP need to open up their eyes and deal with them for intrest of Malawians

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