Malawians not happy with Chimzy Kelly

Chimzy Kelly

The Presence Entertainment loving Malawians have questioned Urban Music Party (UMP) organizers for their choice of Zambia’s Chimzy Kelly as an international act.

The event due to be held on 8th November at BAT in Blantyre, has been organized by Ndefeyo Entertainment to celebrate local talent.

Amidst the local urban talents, Ndefeyo has invited the Zambian as a guest artist, according to Ndefeyo’s publicist Kimpho Loka.

Chimzy Kelly
Chimzy Kelly: Irks Malawians.

“Chimzy Kelly is coming in as a guest artist, we are involving our neighbors which is one of the factors that has influenced our choice. Next time we will involve Tanzania then Mozambique,” said Loka in an interview with a local radio station.

Loka argues that the Zambian’s ‘man of the moment’ status also adds weight to his expected presence at the Blantyre concert.

His Malonda ndi kumbuyo and Dorrica hits, have proved to be dear to Malawians’ ears hence the need for him to be here.

The event will see some of the most followed local urban artists performing.

The likes of Gwamba and Home Grown Africa are among the headliners



  1. Dorica what 4 but iiiiiiish wat has come to our music industry

  2. Dorica what 4 but iiiiiiish wat has come music industry

  3. zanu izo uyende pati mu lusaka nkhani ni…” mene avinila dorica dorica hahaha..akapita adosomoka anyosomoka ngati legeni..mamama dorica afunikila chabe muchikwati kodi kwanu niku?uko ukhala niku?atate wako niwanda?mamamamama….sembe weze kabasi dolica sembe nimakukwelako dairy sembe weze ka radio sembe nimakuchunako dairly….”

  4. one day will take you to books. Dont say Malawians, you better say you are not happy with …………………… than using the flames

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