Breaking: George Nga Mtafu dead

Goerge Mtafu

News reaching Malawi24 indicates that Malawi renowned politician George Nga Mtafu has died.

Reports say Mtafu who a lot of people remember for the fuss he created in Parliament by calling his fellow legislators `agalu` (dogs) died some minutes ago at Mwaiwathu Hospital after his car reportedly hit a truck in the morning.

Mtafu, a doctor by profession was taken to the hospital where he died, reports say.

Goerge Mtafu
Mtafu: No more

Among other notable posts in the political arena, Mtafu worked with the United Democratic Front (UDF) was a strong critic to late President Bingu wa Mutharika.

He was the Member of Parliament for Likoma Island and commentators argue that he had then lost the post in 2009 for the confusion he caused in the national assembly.

In 2012 he hit the headlines again for snubbing a UDF convention held in Blantyre, saying it was rigged as positions were seeded in advance.

Dramatically, Mtafu, who was vying for the position of National Chairman, boycotted the polls at Comesa Hall at Chichiri and instead attended a Public Affairs Committee conference held across the city at Mount Soche Hotel.


The accident happened at Chatha Trading Center along Chileka road in Blantyre at 12:20pm Tuesday afternoon.

He was referred to Mwaiwathu Private Hospital in Blantyre for treatment where he later died.

“As government we are very saddened with the death of Dr Nga Ntafu. We have lost an accomplished neuro surgeon that has served in this region for many years. The death has been very untimely, we will live to remember Dr Ntafu due to his humour, his expertise; all of them will be missed,” said happie Mhango, Minister of Information.

Government will announce the burial arrangements when it has discussed with the family members about the date and place of burial.

Ntafu also served in different cabinet portfolios under former President Bakili Muluzi’s regime.

Some of the posts included Health Minister, Education Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister. Besides that, he was also a Member of Parliament for Likoma constituency until 2009.



  1. So pathetic and groomy leader….rest in an everlasting peace.

  2. the guy never called mr speaker stupid abale,it was sumone in the background ,a fellow mp,it was just quote in the midst of his speech ,wena do ur research before u post nginiyi et.plizlol

  3. Who am I to keep? Nanenso I second that you admin of this page, your very stupid. Your timing isn’t right. In fact, that time he wasn’t referring to the Speaker but to a fellow MP. All in all, Dr. Ntafu was an asset to our mother Malawi. RIP doctor

  4. I think there is more to Dr Ntafu’s legacy than those remarks he made in parliament. This is the problem that arises when untrained ”journalists” try to do the job of some qualified journalists. Its high time you realise that you deal with people’s lives when you write your nonsense.

  5. I think he has done gud things alot to the citizens esp those on Likoma island not only known with agalu inu slogan.

  6. jonh kaitano kufa ndikumwalira zimasiyana pat? Mbuz iwe bakha ngat ulibe chonena ongokhala bwanji? Kape iwe chitsilu

  7. You mean that’s the only contribution Ntafu rendered to our motherland? Shame on you admin, there’re no other things to put here commemorating his death with solidarity? You’re insane fool n a disgrace to our nation.

  8. Admin opepera ngati uyu sanaonekenso. Chitsiru chokumwa madzi ometera ndevu. I wonder if he has any sense of direction. Kumwalira ndi videoyi zikukhuzana pati? Of all that Late Dr George Nga Ntafu represents, this shit of goat only knows this illeravant piece? Shame on this riff raff. May the soul of our beloved doctor rest in peace.

  9. Mwalemba ife tawerenga!ndipo taika ma comment ,akuoneka opusa pakati pa iwe ndi nga mtafu ndindani??mukawelenga ma comment wa??

  10. Politics is one arena where the majority only see the actors in a drama cast! The real Nga Mtafu Was a vert different, passionate, selfless and understanding person. Going by the positive eulogies flowing on Facebook one clearly sees how many lives he changed. People say we will miss you when we die, Malawi and southern Africa will surely miss Nga Mtafu!

  11. Nde mwapindulanji poika video yi? Kukonda kunena za anzanu komatu zanu mwakhalira zoti kuzitulutsa apa mukhonza kulakalaka kulowa pansi mwinanso kufa kumene… Ambuye akuoneni mwapadera..

  12. Those comments were caught out of context he wasn’t calling the speaker stupid rather an opponent who had irked him in the house. It was a reaction as he was about to conclude

  13. Nanga inu muzatha bwanji? Ndinu womvetsa chisoni mukuwona kuti vidio ithandizanji? Cholinga chanu ndi chiyani? Kulimbana ndi munthu womwalira? Mukuti u shasha? Zimvereni chisoni.

  14. I wonder as to the relevance of posting this negative Video. Not amused @ all, we are mourning losing a Public figure who made alot of positive contributions to the development of the country, the positives outweigh the negatives and it’s insane to post that Video during this period. Thumbs down!!!!!!

  15. Cholinga choikira video Yi ndi kumukumbutsa mulungu pa zimene anachita? Kwa ine waika video Yi apa akufanana ndi mbuzi kwabasi.
    Chifukwa sizikugwirizana ndi imfa yakeyi Ai.

  16. So sad munthu sangakhara wabwino pa zonse komabe dziko lamalawi lidzasowa tsogolo la bwino lomwe abombo athuwa analinalo lofuna kutukura dziko koma ife tinawakonda ndipo MULUNGU wawakondetsetsa may his soul rest in eternal.

  17. Iwo akumwalira muwasunge bwino mulungu banga lilironse lakulenda kwawo mpulumutsi mudzodzeretu musawerengere mphulupulu zawo mzimu wawo ndi mizimu ya onse anamwalira mwachifundo chalungu ikause mutendere

  18. Malawi24 facebook Journalist come to me, let me teach you how to write obituaries. U are a disgrace to the world of journalism. The inclusion of the ‘agalu inu in this lead’ says it all

  19. its so sad that we lost MTAFU… but shame on you ma admn a page ino how can you present sorrow message in that way? INUYO SIMUNACHIMWEPO? please ngati mumadana naye ndikale mukanakhala phe tikanamva kwina… mwandibhowa… am nt a politician koma imfa ilibe choice.. nde musamapange choncho ma admn..

  20. Indeed great loss no matter what? I agree wth Tawakali fo commnt bcoz dey dnt hve any respsble to judge bt its responsiblty of a creator! Fo de fmly n Nation its realy a great loss bcoz Nation needs such pple!! R I P

  21. We as malawian we have lost the great pritician! the one who helped this country to have ademocrasey,& My his soul should rest in peace!

  22. every person has negative and positive aspects in life. We forget and forgive the downfalls. Why celebrate ones death? SHAME!

  23. Nose omwe mukunyoza ndkusowa umunthu pali mau omweamat chili kwanzako mawa chili kwaiwe and mulungu amatphuzitsa zachikond ndkukhulukirana unumwalakwa kangat kwamulungu mngakhare kwamzanu kumakhara ngat mulungu anakupatulan ndkukupatsan nzeru osamakhara ngat khumba Nga Mtafu Anali Ofunika Kudziko Lamalaw Ndpo Twasowa Ngat Dziko Komaso As Persn So R.I.P Mr Nga Mtafu.

  24. There are men so brainy who can not depart without heartfelt recognition and tribute.To call a spade as such regardless of whom it frightens z inevitable the case in point z Nga Mtafu now the late May his soul rest in Peace!

  25. sad vry sad Malawi has lost agreat man live to remember ause mutendere

  26. I underastand this late used to drive himslf,,but he was old now to all old fathers who like driving try to be driven by drivers not urslf plz,,i know most politicians likes driving themselvs.Mchaona agalu inu chapita mawa chili kwa ife,,,, RIP

  27. pomwe bamboyu watisiya tikuyenera kufufuzaza bwino yemwe atarowe mmalo Mwale adapangitsa kutchuka chaka china dziko lamlawi kuti kuli anthu andare,odziwa kulankhula zakujhosi osati kungoti agalu inu kokha ayi koma ,mudakakhala inu mudakatani potizinthu nthawi imeneyija zidafika povuta,malemuwa akawuse mumtendere,mbiriyawo yabwino you dogs,ipitililebe,

  28. He had a unique personality.He talked rough sometimes but if you brought a problem to him he always gave you his full attention. We have lost one great son of Malawi. R.I.P

  29. Death has robed us our value treasure that we can’t find anywhere, let’s put our heart together in this difficult moment malawi,

  30. The Professional Doctor has gone &, We people of Likoma Island will miss u (my prayer to Jah) everybody is a sinner but we ask u Jah to receive the soul of your son George Nga Mtafu in Mount zion the holy place in heaven RIP Mr Nga Mtafu

  31. Malawi has lost a ‘”brainy neurosurgeon” who had proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was indispensable. May his soul rest in eternal peace though he never believed and appreciated God’s existence

  32. tonsefe tidzamwalira,palibe angazembe ifa,ulendo uwu watonse koma kusiyana manyamkidwe,nthawi,malo ndi tsiku,ambuye tonthozani banja lofedwa.

  33. Yes pa umunthu tingopeleka ulemu pa imfa ya nkuluyu mwachizolowezi or munthu akhale kuti amalakwitsa pa imfa yonkha pamakambidwako zabwino zokhazo ..,but the truth of Ntafu he was nt gud in politics…

  34. Bigie mzimu wanu uuse mumtendere. Tikupeza poti tonse kwathu ndikomweko ngakhale ena akuyankhula ngati saza dhiwa bt let me say kuti wina aliyense kuphatikiza iwe ndi ine tizasowa pa dziko lapansili. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajiuna

  35. we all know mr mtafu a great doctor and a politician not as someone who caused fuss in parliament.malawi 24 pliz be professional otherwise, ‘ you are loosing tourch.

  36. Words alone can not express the level of greatness that God elevated you to. His time has now been defined, you’ve breathed your last. We hereby celebrate your life as the most accomplished and celebrated neuro-surgeon. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

  37. A great loss to the Nation. Despite being a politician, he was the only Neurosurgeon Malawi ever had and an entreprenuer. Dr Nga Mtafulira made Parliament vibrant and also pioneered multipartism after his release from Prison in 1991. How l wish he was in today’s Parliament. I, shall miss Dr Mtafu. May His Soul rest in Peace

  38. Dr Mtafu we have lost a great professional Doctor and politician .I enjoyed discussing politics with him and being my neba He was my Dad.we will miss your guidance .you did a good job for the Nation .May Your Soul Rest In Peace.

  39. May ur soul rest in enternal peace.Moto umapita komwe kwatsala ntchire ntafu kwake kwatha tasala inu ndine tiyen tiziganizire kuti kodi imfa ikamazabwera izatipeza tikutani,titagwira ntchito yanji

  40. Please sibwino kunyoza,maliro ndi opweteka komoanso osamakhala ndi mangawa ndi otisiya please please. Nga Ntafu may your soul Rest In Peace

  41. Some golden day break Jesus Christ wil come. And they wil b nomore death, pain, sufering, hunger, poverty, finicial crisis, enemity, wars and u name them. Great is thy faithfulnes.

  42. Nga ntafu ause munthendele zonyoza malirozi nde zichani? Nanunso muli ndizanu uyu zake munaziziwa poti anali ontchuka nanunso zanu amaziziwa ndabale anu!

  43. Ine chomwe ndimachidziwa ndi choti aliyense akakhala paziko pano amakhala akulemba buku mwa history yomwe mbali yokoma kapena yoipa kwambiri imadzawerengedwa pa nthawi ya imfa yake. A Nga adalemba history yawo pokwatchula anzawo kuti agalu, mahule ndi mawu ena onyoza. Ndiye anthu akuwerenga history yomwe iwo adalemba ndiye anthu akulakwa chiyani?

  44. Mmmmmmmh mpaka kunyoza malilo? Ndivomelezane nanu nonse amene mukudzudzula anthu amene mukudzudzula anthu amene asawa khalidwe pomanyoza antafu coz amwalila, sibwino kutelo, musatengele ndale nkuthekanso inuyo palibe chomwe chinkakukhudzani kunyoza komwe ankanyozako, inu munaluzapo chani kunyoza kumene ankanyoza ntafuko? Pali zina zoti zimangofunika kukhala pheeeeee! Kuti kaumunthu kanu ena akupase nakoni ulemu. Malilo ndimalilo kaya wolemela kaya mphawi osewo ndimalilo.

  45. Indeed its sad news his family and friends have lost .Lets accept everyone of us waiting this day,Bros n Sisters dont see everything with eyes of politicts this is funeral . May His Soul Rest In Peace

  46. He was a nyc guy to the nation of malawi even to other countries even to our church the past has gone whereby pple remember 4 wat he does when he was a politician bt i want to assure u the nation of malawi he was a changed man, he clear the past and follow jesus lets nt judge becoz we wl also be judged according to matthews 7:1- we are all human we dnt knw hw we wl die mayb he was clear wth his God we dnt know if it was ua father some pple insault lyk that hw could u feel thats nt good & fair

  47. Mmmmmmm ife timati MCP ikabweranso Boma inu ndiamene muthandizile kubuezeletsa zithu nchimake cous DPP ikutula pansi udindo cous game yaakulira Mmmmm tikamamva mbiliyanu yandale ayindithu munali olimbikila.. Say hie kwa #wadada_Kamuzu_Banda. RIP.. tho..

  48. It only shows stupidity kumanyoza anthu omwalira. ..A Malawi kodi umunthu uja ulikuti? Kuweruza ndikwake kwa Yehova tisamukhalire pampandowake wakuweruza. .let’s mourn with ntafus family, osati zachipongwezi ayi. .mungotenga nazo nsambi izi

  49. bad. But God afungatireni onse oferedwa aku banja kwa malemuwa..RIP we will miss u Doc

  50. Munthuyu anali dotolo mbambande. Katswiri wa surgery yovuta kwambiri. Wathandiza kupulumusa miyoyo ya anthu ambiri not only here in Malawi uyu. Zipatala zakunja zimamuitanitsa kuti akagwire ntchito kumeneko. And in politics he also played a great role holding ministrial and technocrat positions besides being MP for Likoma. He could sometimes entertain us with his rhetorical jokes and political rants like ‘the agalu inu’ which he duly admitted was emotional, was withdrawn and he apologised to his fellow mps. But should we heighten this jab to demonise him at the time of his demise? Insulting his soul thinking no one can track u on FB? God is ominipresent my frend. What about all that remarkable achievements he accomplished in his time? RIP Dr. We will mic u!!

  51. We wil mis u may ur soul rest in peace…. Mthuzi wapita lero mtengo wagwa

  52. Pepani abale nose achizumulu ndi boma lalikoma poluza munthu wak ulu. Mzimu ya anthu akutisiya inumulungu ndinu mmaziwa kumene imapita koma mzimu wanga ntafu uwuse mmutendere RIP

  53. Zoonadi a Malawi zabwino zonse apanga a NGA NTAFU mungafufute ndi mawu amodzi okha oti agalu inu. Kodi dzikoli likupita kuti, lets behave like Malawians. RIP Honourable.

  54. muthu ngati mutu wamko tsuyenda bwino kumayenda tchire waya waya ! Nga mtafu ndi amene amaxiwa ku ung’amba kuchinena kwa a tcheya

  55. R.I.P Doc.Ntchito zanu zabwino mwapita nazo.Will neva forget you assisting your classmate(my Dad)when he was down wit stroke.You wil be grately missed by many condolence to the believed family.

  56. Analidi munthu waphamvu kmanso wamzeru chifukwd samaopd anali katakwe pa ndale chifukwa chamantha tizapondelezedwa tsono a dr ntafu amakand kupondelezedwd kauseni mwd ambuye a ntafu tidzasowa munthu wolimba mtima ngati inu R I P

  57. Malawi has lost a veteran politician who can rily stand and speak out!!malawi developed much thru ur contribution of ideas in august house!!!u have been a blessing to many Mr mtafu,uv brought change in democracy and UV helped many in life as a Doctor… Will rily ms this in the dys coming…may ur soul rest in peace!!!

  58. anthu otani inu kunyonzetsa m’bale wamzanu wakadakhala kuti ndi mbale wanu ndeno ena azitero mukadamva bwanji?koma Mulungu azikudalitsani ndipo azikukhululukirani poti simukudziwa chomwe mukuyankhula.ndinu opanda mzeru.

  59. Malawian has lost a great Leader “educated & talented man “all in all rest in everlasting peace “”really National will miss you alot!!!

  60. Despite everything malawi will miss this man.Look at his profile and compare him ur self or ur angangas or ababas u will appreciate that few matches his calibre..He served as,,Chief Doctor in surgery @ queens, Lecture @ college of medicine,, Mp for likoma from 1994 to 2009, Minister in various ministries too numerous to mention.He has died while serving as.Chief Technical adviser inthe Malawi ministry of Health. meant to assist ur angangas and azimbwiye anu akadwala bt all u can remember him about is one day reaction he made in parliament are u serious??? This is absolute stupid and foolish and kusowa khalidwe komanso Ufiti!..Malawi 24 and ur team God will punish ur foolish act….RIP Dr George NGA Mtafu….surely we well wishers will miss ….

  61. Despite everything malawi will miss this man.Look at his profile and compare him ur self or ur angangas or ababas u will appreciate that few matches his calibre..He served as,,Chief Doctor in surgery @ queens, Lecture @ college of medicine,, Mp for likoma from 1994 to 2009, Minister in various ministries too numerous to mention.He has died while serving as.Chief Technical adviser inthe Malawi ministry of Health. meant to assist ur angangas and azimbwiye anu akadwala bt all u can remember him about is one day reaction he made in parliament are u serious??? This is absolute stupid and foolish and kusowa khalidwe komanso Ufiti!..Malawi 24 and ur team God will punish ur foolish act….RIP Dr George NGA Mtafu….surely we well wishers will miss ….

  62. Order! Order! Mr speaker Sir, May I take the floor sir, Ayi Nooo! Aaaaa! Agalu inu ! Agalu inu youre very stupit, kkkkkkk ndi mmene tithere RIP O, nga ntafu

  63. Malawi has lost a rare specialist. If we put politics aside we see a surgeon in Dr Ntafu , he will be missed a lot Reat in Peace

  64. This is very speechless.sadzapezekanso.zoonadi lero tilipo mawa palibe tidzikumbukira.GEORGE NGA NTAFU may ur soul rest in peace.

  65. I’ll remember him as a humourous politiacian and as a proffesional medical practioner!

    but mostly ” Mr Speaker Sir you must be very Stupid” line

    RIP Dr Nga Ntafu
    The emperor of Likoma,as your fellow legistratures use to call you in the August House
    “The true Son of Malawi”

  66. very bad. what a hero Mw has lost. this is a clear signal that we will all die, Kuyambira kuntundako mpaka munsimu. but blessed are those who die in the Lord. maidyaidya a padziko asatipusiseeee

  67. very bad. what a hero Mw has lost. this is a clear signal that we will all die, Kuyambira kuntundako mpaka munsimu. but blessed are those who die in the Lord. maidyaidya a padziko asatipusiseeee

  68. pachikhalidwe chathu or munthu anali oipa timamulemekeza akamwalira, my fellow country men let’s not loose our culture

  69. You must be very stupit……… Agalu inu eish!! What a Big Loss i alwz remember you Nga…. U were truely Hero,,,,, may ur soul rest in eternal peace!!

  70. Lira nawoni omwe akulira ndipo seka nawoni omwe akuseka. Ndikupusa kwakukulu kupeza munthu akulum;pha-lumpha ndi chimwemwe pomwe pali maliro ndipo titha kudabwapo kanthu ndithu. A George Mtafu atisiya koma sikuti iwowa anali opusa ayi, iyi ndi imfa yomwe Chauta anawalembera. Zikakhala ndale tiyeni tizisiye uko, pano tirire imfa ya munthu mzathu basi.
    A Malawi anzanga tiyeni tisataye chikhalidwe chathu chifukwa cha ndale zopusa tikutsatirazi ayi. Lekani kunyoza ndi kutukwana

    1. Imfa ya munthu wina aliyense Chauta amayidziwa ndipo analem;beratu kuti a Ngwazi adzagfa mwakuti mwakuti. Palibe chomwe chingachitike chokhudza imfa chomwe Chauta sanachibvomereze ayi. Bwanji anabvomereza imfa ya mwana wake kuti ikhale yochititsa manyazi chonchija?

  71. Wooow! Am Feeling Agony,pity With The Great Loss Malawi Has Faced,we We Will Miss U Doctor,politian,father.May Your Soul Rest In Peace.

  72. Malawi 24 has posted this latest very sad news & lam surprised about 45 people like this, its like they like the news of his death; insteady of feeling sorry or paying homage or condoling his family; In this case some one should school me what this word( LIKE means on FB ) We have lost one of the greatest politicians of all time; May his soul rest in peace:

    1. if i like its clever way of sharing e story coz on my wall it will show i hav liked this so all my friends wil kno

    2. Willy Zindondo,
      I don’t blame you for what you wrote/comments here. komano Iweyo the point is Wadzadzidwa ndi #Chisoni but we don’t care if so,
      to Like it means ndi njira ina yothokozera yemwe walemba, because without iyeyo sitinakadziwa

    3. Bro Dominic & Laston Mthuzie and other FB friends, thanks for opening my eyes; Kuphunzira sikutha, ukachita manyazi kufunsa umalowa chibudzi cha akazi; Thanks good people l have learnt a lot, God Bless you all: FB ndi Deal:

  73. Rest in peace. George Nga Mtafu, section 65 number one budget number two, Mr Speaker sir you must be very stupid, nothing was wrong with these two speeches, you were on duty sir, politicians are like soldiers they can not be born again .REST IN PEACE. (LABOLA KA KGOTSO)

  74. A Malawi 24 mumapanga zinthu zosokoneza.zoona pazabwino zonse zomwe munthuyu wakhala akuchita inu munganene kuti anthu adzamukumbukira ndi mau oti agalu inu? Koma multi ndi umunthu inu? Pena you think as an animal always mumapanga zinthu zosokoneza anthu bwanji? Plz muzikhala ndi umunthu

    1. mbava yodzwka bwno itat imwalire ndie pofuna kt anthu adzwe akhoza kunena kt malemu aja amadzwka nd kuba.Utat unene kt malemu aja amapemphela kwambr aja amwalra anthu sangamudzwe. in the same vein i dnt see anythng wrong here.

  75. Ts just by God’s grace kut we are alive ntil this hour.. Not kut tmachita bwino bfore him.. Noooo’ so just say r.i.p baxi’ God is God u neva know.. His wayz are not ours.. ‘ God forgive u all huhav sayd anythn bad

  76. May his souls rest in peace such men are rear to be found

  77. Very shocking indeed. Had a great discussion with him about challenges in the health sector and how we can move forward as a nation during the SWAP Reviews. He had lots of constructive suggestions with a lot humour as well. I Will greatly miss him. RIP Doctor.

  78. inalillah waina illah rrajiuna. Kwa Allah ndikomwe tinachokera kmanso tidzabwerera nobody ‘ll live 4 eva

  79. We have not jst lost a grt doctor of our nation n #Africa bt also a very important figure of our land malawi,we’ll always miss Him,#MHRIP

  80. This guy didn’t allow nonsense,he was acting indeed like an opposition, not like others who just accept Everything in the parliament .R.I.P


    1. ndikadasangalara. Ameneyu akumayankha zamwano ngati mumamvera. Zoti ndife ana ake sakulabada mayankhidwe ake. Sangati apitiliza kukwera ndenge yodula nd he cal himself a bilinare. Is that fair? Even mutukwane i wish him dead! Posting ya aphunzitsi IPTE 8 sakutitulutsira. Ndikadakhala ndi bomba latimke nawo ndikadamunyenya!

    2. ma father gave me mo dan enough. Paying xul fees,protecting,everting. Na am a graduate bt he dasnt want to employ us,wel trained nd qualified teachers. Our money has bin squandered 4 someting else. Soon ameneyu tidya sadaka paja mkulu wake ujanso amkapanga makani.

    3. ngati ndimafuna kudzakhara a teacher umafuna ndidzatenge ya army? Shame go back to de sender nd her leader. Koma kunakakhala boko haram bwenzi titamvetsana kuwawa.

    4. ngati ndimafuna kudzakhara a teacher umafuna ndidzatenge ya army? Shame go back to de sender nd her leader. Koma kunakakhala boko haram bwenzi titamvetsana kuwawa.

  82. You were my mentor at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. Rest in peace and thank you for encouraging me to study hard which paid off and now I am a Dr because of your encouragement.

  83. I indeed saw kaka mtafus car badly crshd by a whit truck just opost monarch at chatha olong chileka rd.may he rst in pc a los to the islandes oh!

  84. I indeed saw kaka mtafus car badly crshd by a whit truck just opost monarch at chatha olong chileka rd.may he rst in pc a los to the islandes oh!

  85. Chitsilu chili ndi mwini. Even if he would have been the mad person he was important to the family. So don’t make foolish comment. He has a family that is Broken with sadden death of him.

  86. Too soon Dr munthu wochezeka I still remember u wen u came at Dr Bhuptani wth ur wife Dr Elvy, may ur soul rest in peace

  87. I will remember him, not only because of political but also only specialist doctor of neurons in malawi and probably sadc countries

  88. but its bad others to like mssgz like this otherz r breathing stink mssgz 2morow it will be inside your homez muzayankhulenso chimozimozi mhsrip

  89. Let Us Coment With Sober Minds Nga Mtafu Ndidolo Ndipo Anali Dolo, I Will Leave To Remember Him, More Especially The Time Of Impeachment Agalu Inu! Anyway Life Is A Journey, This Is His Last Mile, God Kept Him All This Time Anapulumuka Pangozi Yapamadzi Boat Yake Yitafoila Kwa 2 Hrs Yet Lero Wapita! Mulungu Tonthozani Ose Okhudzidwa

  90. zazi kugundika kunyoza ntembo anga iwowo akudziwa tsiku lawo anga iwowo ngambewu ichidziwa lanu tsiku anga kwawo sodafeko koma pilizi hoo nilibe chonena ni imfa ikuthamanga zedi koma choopyà nachi otchuka osatchuka nose nyifwa ikudikila nose RIP obaba

  91. Amene akunyozawa kwao sikunachitikepo maliro nde sakudziwa kuti maliro ndi chani kapena kuti zimawawa bwanji zikakugwera….no one is perfect ndipo palibe yemwe samachimwepo apa, kuthekanso iwowa amwalira atalapa ndipo apita slate yawo ili clean mudziwa bwanji? Mwini wake Mulungu nde mwini kuweluza..inunso konzani tsogolo lanu kuti ulendowu mudzayende bwino…

    1. pamene wafera munthu pamakhala zochitika mbwe,mmene amapanga fight imfamo tiziwa bwanjina anapempha chikhulukilo,coz most anthu pothatha amadziwa,nde anthu akupanga judge wa ndi ana chabe