Player dies during a football match


feetA 20 year-old form four student at Choma CDSS in Malawi’s Mzimba district died during a football game on Friday after colliding with an opponent’s goalkeeper, Malawi24 has learnt.

Mzuzu police deputy spokesperson Patrick Saulos confirmed about the incident and identified the deceased as Isaac Phiri.

“Phiri was playing as a striker on that particular day and the incident happened when he possessed the ball and was running towards the goal. In the process he collided with the goalkeeper who was trying to intercept the ball,” said Saulos.

He added that after the two had collided Phiri fell down and he received first aid treatment before he was rushed to Choma health centre where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Saulos further said that Phiri’s body has been taken to Mzuzu central hospital where a postmortem will be carried out. So far no offence has been detected since the player died in a lawful sport.

Until his death Phiri hailed from Msafiri Village, T/A Mtwalo in Mzimba.

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  1. Today u r busy, typing so sad, rest in peace, since wen u hv since wen u hv started trusting Malawi24? Nomwenu mawa mulalata apa, claiming kut nkhani za bodza

  2. Hiiii so sad RIP! Inali yake imfa sithawika

  3. goalkeeper ali ndi mlandu wopha munthu zibwana sindifuna

  4. I said about this three months ago that,playing football match, is the same as going to the war coz you can die or get injured.

  5. Very sad situation. Football is supposed to be enjoyed and not to result into sad moments. RIP.

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