Fire consumes three Malawian children

Fire Malawi
Fire Malawi
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Three Malawian children have died in Nkhatabay district after being burnt by a bush fire.

Police in the district have identified the three as John Banda aged 12, Lyell Phiri aged 12, and eight year old Bless Banda.

According to Nkhatabay Police publicist Ignatius Esau the trio went to eat mangoes near a certain bush in Vivya village.

Suddenly, they were surrounded by the fire and failed to escape.

A villager who was passing by heard them screaming but his efforts to save their lives proved impossible and he reported the tragedy to police.

Meanwhile police in the district have warned people to avoid setting up bush fires saying they have proved to be death traps to many people in the district.

The children hailed from Vivya village traditional authority Kabunduli in Nkhatabay.

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  1. Kuno ndiye Jahena ikuchita kuoneka ndi maso,bwanji maman of God izi salota kuti zioneka? A Ziba a Bushiri ndi azinzanu misika sioneka?

  2. oooo! shame.may their saul rest in peace.malawi lerodi ndi malawi bax mwina likanakhala nyasaland sibwenzi pano motowu ulipo,komatu malawi ndi moto

  3. I dot undrstand u people, this is tragedy not comedy, then why do u hit like insted of commntng on hw u feel on de issue. (RIP)

    1. hiting like doesn’t necessarily mean dat u ”like” de post… In ths case it may mean u’v seen de post or u r also touchd by it. Som ppo hit ”like” to avoid hundreds of notifications, especially on a public page like ths one

  4. Why malawi everyday fire accident.where the fire is coming from? Oh God is this a gahenna of malawi.Please God help us from this dlemon.

  5. Moto ndindiwa chomwe wafuna mulungu Kuti chichitike chimachitila

  6. Aaaaaah ineyo zomwe zikuchitika Ku Nyasaland I can’t understand kodi nkhani tizingova ya moto basi hoooh mwina ndi ” fire war”

  7. So sad to lose these Children at very young age we loved to b with them but Jah almighty loved them most may their souls rest in peace


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