20 illegal immigrants sent packing in Malawi


The immigration department has deported twenty immigrants to their respective countries for illegally staying in Malawi.

Spokesperson for the department in the central region Elard Banda has confirmed the development.

“Yes it is true that the immigration department has deported 20 illegal immigrants. 15 are Congolese, two are Ethiopians, one is Tanzanian, one is Zambian and one is a Nigerian national,” said Banda.

The illegal immigrants were netted in different places of the central region. They were found with the offence of living in the country without proper documentation and were each ordered to pay K10 000 by the courts.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTSAccording to Banda, the Nigerian national, Lawrence Azichukwu was handed to their department by the Malawi police after he was arrested for drug trafficking.

Banda thanked Malawians for working hand in hand with the immigration department by informing them of illegal immigrants and said this proves patriotism.

He also encouraged people to tip either the police or the immigration department of suspicious people since the country wants only to accommodate people with proper documentation.

*Additional info by Luke Bisani



  1. Anandigwila ma batry pasport ili ya boh,ku pretoria west cizungu cake kumat,let me search u,for what?u will see mmm zili ku sa

  2. sent packing means someone is just told to go while deportation can not be termed as sent parking screen your wording mtichititsa manyazi kikikikiki

  3. Keep on doing that ife tikapita ku juburg timayenda cheu*2

    make plan while they are robbing us our money

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