Tributes pour in for Malawi musician, Andrew Matrauza

Andrew Matrauza

The music fraternity in Malawi keeps making tributes to musician, Andrew Matrauza who died on Thursday morning.

Musician on the social network have been writing to Malawi24 about the huge loss the industry has by receiving the news.

Andrew Matrauza
Matrauza: No more.

According to the reports, Matrauza died this morning at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital – QECH in Blantyre where he was admitted for treatment.

Matrauza has been in South Africa for other business and he came back in the country in July this year and since the return, he has not been well.

At first, he was admitted at Chiradzulu district hospital before referred to QECH’s ward 3B where he died.
Matrauza was known by his first album’s title track, Musadabwe which was enjoying airplay on local radio and Television stations as well as wedding ceremonies.

The song which is appropriately a wedding song describes the Malawian marriage arrangement from groom’s point of view.

Matrauza had been collaborating and working with other local musicians like Evance Meleka, Saul Chembezi, Thomasi Chibade, Annie Matumbi and Joseph Tembo.



  1. On behaf of my fellow Malawians here in #Botswana…. am sending my heartfelt condolence to his family for the loss of #Andrew… God be glory…shall meet again bro in His kingdom….Rest in peace brother.

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  3. Eiish Andrew U’ve Left Me In Suspence!! U Were One Of My Best Artist Any Way,fire goes where there is bush nafenso tikudikira njira yomweyo mwadzelayo rip!!!

  4. As one of former DJ’s I appreciate how your songs made people happy in many celebrations…..Musatidabwe, Mwatizulira. Memories are even fresh of the chat we had at Thunga market in Thyolo….I still remember the plans you shared to me about your career only to hear that you are no more……am taken by a great sadness words are not enough to express my grief….Have a peaceful rest my idol….icon…star….I Shall always remember you ANDREW…..

  5. Your Composition Was Marvelous Good At All Times Mu Zikwati Rest In Peace

  6. what!!! nderea kumwlira zoona aaaaa ambue km mukanatenga chitsiru kwete,,,bwampini ndi mzake mbendera as u can see we are in Diaspora not Malawi…mulungu wanga chonde chakachino wamodzi mutengeko dowe asadyeko…winayo tisanayambe kukolora zachitengeni…R.I.P.. Anderea..

  7. So sad but am sure the Guy has gone back his Maker(mount zion) the holy place in heaven, May Jah confort the deceaesed family & all Members of MAM including its President

    1. @bertha,Who r u to check pples spellings mxieeeeeew, kuzindikira kwambiri iweyo rubish,usazabwerezenso,tiyeni tilirepo maliro apa,

    1. Siwonse amafuna kupanga comment, kwa ine ndikuti “noted”, kapena kuti wayiona post. Or kumuthokoza walemba post yimeneyo potidziwitsa…

    1. abale muthu sanapangire dala chizungu nchochita kuphunzira ichi….colby!! pronoun ya mamuna ndi his or him wamkazi ndi she or her….

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