Shoprite employee drowns in Lake Malawi


One of the members of staff at Mzuzu Shoprite, identified by Police as a 27-year-old Hackson Lungu, has died after drowning in Lake Malawi.

It is understood that some members of staff at this shop have a football club which on this tragic day went to play with Nkhatabay Police.

DrowningAccording to Nkhatabay Police Publicists Sergeant Ignatius Esau, the team played the game successfully and there after decided to have refreshments at Chikale Beach.

Part of the activities at the beach involved swimming which the deceased enjoyed much to the scope that he plucked the dip waters where sadly he succumbed to pressure of the waves.

Esau explained that efforts were made to rescue the deceased but it was too late to save his life.

Efforts were made to rescue him. They managed to drag him out of the water and rushed him to Nkhatabay District Hospital but he was pronounced dead upon arrival, explained Esau.

Post mortem results proved that Lungu died due to suffocation.

Police have since called on people to be extra careful when swimming in deep waters to avoid the recurrence of such incidences.

The deceased hailed from Chinichoka Village, Traditional Authority Chakhaza in Dowa District.

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  1. i was once de victim if dis drowning lackly pipo fast saved me i dnt kn if it z me being lack or God shamed de devil guyz madzi ndiopa de feeling of kumila it removes all de power u hv then u reach de point of lose hop and u gv up its sad dat other pipo took it for fun sory my brother w wl all die one day bt w wl jst differ on hw one dies

  2. @ welcome banda nde mwati zalakwika poti ndi mwamuna mumafuna atsikana apa till ali ndi mwano kkk azinvera okha mayb asintha

  3. Mr. Slick Namingwe. .it’s possible after the social football these guys went to the lake and the rest happened. ..Nkhata Bay ndi nyanjayo ndithu. ..

  4. Mukapita kunyanja kuchoka ku town kwanuko ndimatama kumalowa madzi mutaledzera kuti anthu adziwe kuti ndinu aku town ndiye nawo madzi amakunjoya size makamaka nyanja yaku Nkhata-bay ndiyozama samalani, mukafuna muzipita ku Lake Chilwa kumakaphunzilira kusamba kumeneko koma iyi yaku Nkhata-bay samalani ndithu!!!!!!!! RIP

  5. MHSRIP.Kodi ka visanza angasambile?Matama tichepetse mmadzi tikaona matako achizimayi.Mmadzi mulibe udolo.Pepani a gule!

  6. Mmmmm Guys Ngat Kusambira Simmatha Osadzikakamiza Kungowasiira Iwo Ozikwanitsa Look Kuluza Moyo Kufuna Kuoneka Ngat Adolo..RIP

    1. u really right,, the problem is u know we pple get too excited with water. But we still have learnt something. May his soul RIP our brother

  7. Went to play football, drowns in the lake. I don’t see the compatibility here unless it was beach soccer. Next time tell us the real cause pliz. M H S R I P.

  8. Very sad indeed. My appeal is to Malawians to treat the lake as a killer. We are losing many lives through slight mistakes. I nearly lost my own life at Salima sometime back due to my mistake of have one or two bottles of alcohol and the lake was abit rough. Having swam in it before i thought i knew how to handle myself in it. I suggest all lake resorts should employ coastguards. But the problem is that not all swimmers go there as guests of the resorts. Iam just exercising my brains to see if we can avoid some of these deaths. May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.

    1. no words to say huh??? why can’t they write RIP and that’s what we as human beings dserve to do. This whole logic to me doesn’t hold water at all

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    3. Yamikani Mtoliro atleast there is some sense in your arguement,, but still dislike option comes after u click a like. So to those who have liked it its time to unlike

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