Malawi Govt dodging the press

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika
Mutharika failing to face the press.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika’ arrival from his trip to the United States of America has brought in a lot of controversy as government now seems to dodge the media.

Upon arrival from the United Nations General Assembly, President Mutharika promised to hold a press conference after a day or two but it has been several days and nothing seems to be happening.

Some quarters faulted government for taking a bloated delegation to the US, saying government is taking Malawians for granted as the country is facing a lot of problems such as hunger which is expected to affect over 2.8 million people.

Previously, Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda said government did not pay for the whole 100-plus delegation as some were paid for by their respective organisations, others supported by the UN and some on their own.



  1. Bilkilon was not supposed to run de nation,i think its bcoz of stupit idiot called mbendera who made dis coversation….GOD must b crazy about dis man(Petulo)

  2. Iwe #chataika how will the media houses give news of development if the government itself have never done it or even plans? But all what the government do z cashgate?

  3. Malawi you need to write good news enough of government shit when we know its always about cash-agates or buying jets and building houses like Ndata, Give Malawi News to educate the nation and build the countries reputation.

  4. Don’t b intimdated by these stupid politians kep on updating us so that we shall pass our verdict in 2019 wisely

  5. Ayatsa moto mmitima ya a Malawi.Kodi mutha kuwuzimitsa.Iwo anapita kukamvera ndi kukadwerera ku msonkhanoko.Palibepo chanzeru apa.

  6. zosezi ndiwe mbendera u r very stupit uzafa mozuzika iweeee idiot,,ukakhala iweee bwampini ufaso ngat m’bale wako uja stupit….

  7. Dodging the press? where is he dragging us to? Dat has clearly shown he considers the interest of himself not of the nation

    1. Malawi kwacha cant stand to Zambian kwacha by far.Its very powerful since they removed 2 zeros from their currency meaning you are still living the past

  8. atolankhani athu ndi zitsiru,when a mistake has been made they all come with loud voice like thunders,but when there is something positive that has been done,no one wastes time on it,so all the media must go to hell and get a life

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