MEC to dispose 2014 Tripartite Elections papers


The Malawi Electoral Commission ( MEC ) says it will be disposing papers which include voter registers, ballot papers, results records from districts and polling stations for the 2014 Tripartite Elections, Malawi24 has learnt.

Accordance to Parliamentary and Presidential Elections (PPE) Act Section 119 and the Local Government Elections (LGE) Act Section 102, the election records are supposed to be preserved for one year.

Papers up for disposal.

The Commission, however, has preserved electoral records from the constituencies whose results are contested in courts and the cases have not been concluded.

The Commission through an open tender has identified a firm that will purchase the papers for recycling purposes only.

According to a statement which has been made available to this publication, the Commission through an open and competitive tender process has identified Lonestar Recycling Limited to buy the papers for recycling purposes.

“A statement signed by Chief Elections Officer Willie Kalonga, Lonestar Recycling came out the highest bidder with a purchase offer of K26 per kilogramme. MEC will monitor the whole process of moving the obsolete materials from its warehouses in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre to the Lonestar Recycling warehouses in Lilongwe.”

Meanwhile, Stakeholders have been urged to observe the process.

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  1. they killed Malawi behind their greedy. fools of the commission world wide. Malawi is under fire due to their interest

  2. still haunted by the truth coz you will know the truth and that truth will set u free. God is watching you mr chair

  3. It is to early what do you want to hide . Whether dispose or keep Zinthu munasokoneza kale Only God know the truth and for sure you will be punished. Already mwayamba kale kuvutika ndi MECgate simunati Mulungu si Munthu.

  4. Achita bwino zedi ndipo inu a mcp muwerengere nokha kuti mutsikimize nokha kuti munambwidadi komanso muone kulephera kwanu maka kabwira

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