Private school workers angered by JCE abolition


As many stakeholders continue condemning the government over its decision of eradicating Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) and Junior Certificate of Education (JCE), the Private schools Employees Union of Malawi (PSEUM) has expressed worries over the government’s decision saying it will negatively affect education in the country.

General Sectary for PSEUM, Falison Lemani told Malawi24 in an interview that the abolishment JCE will bring poor examination results for Malawi School Certificate of Education – MSCE since students will be relaxing a lot a situation which will lower education standard of country’s education.

He added that teachers will be blamed for failing students since student’s examination failure it is mostly believed to be a teacher’s fault.

students Malawi

JCE abolished.

“As teachers from private schools we are worried with abolishment of JCE exams of course we are appreciating for the reforms because are important and needed in order improve things.

“But on contrary we feel that abolishment of JCE examination will lower the standard of education. Right now we already have a problem that pupils are just enrolled anyhow in private schools just because school directors need money.

“With abolishment of JCE we will have problems in MSCE because JCE prepares a pupil for MSCE exams and the results of MSCE from now on wards will be poor and will put blames on the teachers because most cases when a student fails blames go the teacher and with abolishment of JCE pupils will relax a lot which will bring problems at MSCE level”, he explained.

PSEUM has also blamed government for rushing into its decision of abolishing the exams without conducting wider consultations with concerned stakeholders so that others can have opportunities expressing their opinions on the issue.



  1. Malawians let’s be vigilant, these lomwe crooks just want to destroy our Beloved Malawi and our childrens’s future. Do you think even a mad person could dare to talk such nosense? Pitala nyamuka uzipita ku Ndata ndi anguru a nzakowo.K577 billion unaba ndi mkulu wako ija siinakukwanire? Usationongere dziko ndi tsogolo la ana athu.

  2. For sure there is Free Education in primary schools which is variry to Free of Knowledge. The aborish of PSLC is not just socializing the nation but planning to access own plans towards a Zero budget that the ministry should invest itself from Fees. Get ready soon we will be payng this aborished primary. Then shall no longer been able to be so called Malawi Education as MSCE will face same aborish so soon. what poor nation so much changes? Drivers licence-now we tolking of schools-tomorow will be a birth certificate-that should starts by 2000 all ages behind this year will have no access in public services as reaching expired dated.

  3. We have to know that malawi needs an improvement no time to blame our government and the abolishment will not affect student performance but only that pupils are lazy adding to that all pupils who will fail their classes examination will have to repeat the same class to avoid poor performance and this will help

  4. Tandithandizeni anthu inu.Kodi njonda yatchuka ikusokoneza maphunziroyi inadya mapoints angati kuti ikhonzere kunja kumeneko.Kodi muno munalibe Chancho.Awa asatipusitse ayi.Muno muli ana amapoints abwino ndipo ena ma scholarship osati kungopita kunja nkumakangobweretsa mapepara ataliatali opanda tchito omwe kamuzu ankawwatenga opanda ntchito nkana malawi akuwonongeka.Muno muli ana anzeru kwambiri otchuka ndimomwe anaphunzirira koma kuponderezedwa.Kodi nkulu amebeyu anatchuka ntchito zake kapena zandale.Chenjerani a malawi mapepera enawa anthu ena alinawowa ndiwopanda ntchito chifukwa ndiwongogula ndi ndalama musawawope.

  5. U somtims dont understand thngs,th govt has NOT abolishd PSLCE bt rather they intend t stop th issuance of PSL Certificates:MUZIMVETSA!

  6. i wsh if icud kno reasonz why thz r doin thz?? U av 2listn 2wat pple r sain nt ur own dcsions!this dzko nd la2 nafe&dho tk Malawi az your’s!!! eee nyasalande kumpanje2

  7. kwasala anena kuti ma primary school onse asekedwe palibenso chifukwa chopitila ku school apa,munthu sungayambe 1,2,3 up to form 3 opanda pepala lililonse kumati pali mzelu?

  8. Nonse amene mukulirira jc ndi pslc ndinu amene mukulowetsa pansi mai malawi. Go to hell with your evil thoughts. Let malawi progress and develop.

    • wankhua zosaveka moti ukuganiza ndizoveka mwana kuchoka standard 1 podzalemba mayeso pokhapokha adzafike form 4? ndie olakwa maeso azikhala ochuluka kwambiri chifukwa achotsa sefa yemwe amachepetsa olakwa mu form 4

    • Man inuyo simukuona kuti ndi umbuli ukulankhulitsani zimenezi? Kodi kumalawi tiri ndi ma Secondary school angati? Ana 1000 from primary school were compete for one position ku secondery ndiye padzipezeka kuti onseo adzingopita, sukulu zake zichokera kuti? Unless , if you say that all primary schools will be upgraded to Secondery. Think twice

  9. agree for wat mr president says no one is employing pple wt jce here in malawi and thre is no need of issuing the certificate never employed wt jc thy only asking diploma s

  10. The government has done a very good job by abolishing JCE….do yu know how government has saved on this? and me the value of a JCE certificate now, can yu be employed? So why waste money on a thing which has no value?

  11. How are primary xool learners passing national exams after 8yrs? Find another scape goat like this one (it will mainly benefit lrnrs from boarding xools) remember in the past MCDE used to perform poorly. I fear history can repeat itself.

  12. That’s nonsense bcoz not all poor people can manage to pay such school fees as a result many Malawians will not go far with school

  13. A big Hand up to the Presdent for banishing ..Jce we just keeping them papers Useless and Void {Jsce:pslc} worthy to be aborished bt my fear is now even msce is becming Devaluated …That .Withiout Collage ..Your and Experience …2:3Years Your Certificate Is Just A .News .Paper .My .Big .Question Is Will .The President .Not Aborish ..Msce .Too .Near .Future?? that .We .Should Just Go and For University ………Ooooh .Alaas .!!!! My Country Is Fading .And .Dimminishing …….

  14. So angered with what? kumakonda kubera ndi kunamiza anthu pongotenga womwewo a JCE kuphuzitsa muma sukulu anu mpaka yemweyo kukamulowesa mu class ya form 4, yes w need reform

  15. Why wasting national resources for administering and printing certificates that are not used. Take the money to proper use. Lets strive to get msce as we do with Jce. This is a serios govt that would wish to our little resources for the development of our country. Tikumangotokotela umbuli basi

  16. That’s abrilliant Idea if watchmen and cleaners they want MSCE with 4 years experience what is the use of JC after all most people the don’t collect their jc certificate. this will make our kids work hard to get msce. mukafuna kunyoza muzinyoza mutalingalira kaye how much taxpayers money are wasted to print this useless certificate

  17. This has worried all citizen who knows what standard education is.JC was acting as a gader to grade the people so that those qualified fo it can stand a chance to attempt MSCE,but with this changes it means that all stundent even those not qualified to write MSCE wil b writting thereby having more failure %.I see this government is turning to a dictatorship,why couldnt they hear views of people before this reforms?

  18. the reason on these guys is not holding water, bcoz examinations will be their only that gvt wil not issue certificates. so the argument that’s being championed is not holding water.

  19. Zomungonyozana mbuzi, bankha chani chani sibwino… The decision of Goverment is based on scientific facts presented by MIE… To dispute the facts why can’t you do ka small survey or ka research kamene to prove Goverment wrong… Kodi ma reforms siamenewa nanga… Bwanji baba….

  20. They abolish something without an alternative in place. Koma nkhuku izizi palibenso #angryfordecades . Their kids are doing Cambridge syllabus in expensive private schools and they are not worried a piece

    • List of school fees in various government schools here in malawi according to the malawi government 1)-primary school=k950 per month 2)-seconday list nation secondary=k85000 district secondary=k35000 CDSS=k11000 3)-colleges list TTC=K35000 Domasi college=k220000 unima=k270000 other university mzuni=k275000 Bunda=k280000 NRC=K190000 note:form 2 & std 8 certificates has been abolished NO GOVERMENT INVOVEMENT IN FEES PAYMENTS ESPECIALLY IN UNIVERSITIES BECAUSE GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY TO ASSIST IN PAYING ALOT OF MONEY.Only the poorest will be helped in a special way. please share this information as usual TO your friends. until further notice thank you. govt eradicate following this…its a fact

  21. Pitala simtsogereri amalawi anafera dzina la munthalika musaiwa nthawi yomwe anali minster of education zitopotopo zomwe zinaliko! Mpaka kumuchotsa,,,, may God fight for us