Malawi government pressed on transparency and accountability


Council for Non Governmental Organisation(CONGOMA) has asked the Malawi Government to be transparency and accountability during the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are expected to be adopted by world leaders in this seating of United Nations General Assembly.

Speaking in Lilongwe during a news conference, Congoma Programme Manager, Simekinala Kaluzi said government has been doing the job in the past alone wih no clear vision and direction.

Kaluzi (holding mic) says communication is core in development.
Kaluzi (holding mic) says communication is core in development.

“Communicate Progress on implementing the goals to the public.” Said Kaluzi.

Kaluzi (holding mic) says communication is core in development.

Kaluzi said Parliament, CSOs, human rights and other existing reporting mechanisms should be central to this process and well utilized.

Kaluzi said vibrant and workable monitoring and evaluation systems should be put in place and utilised to track progress.

Speaking during the briefing youth advocate Edward Chileka urged Government to include youths in the implementation of SGDs.

Banda said youth are energetic and easily tackle issues to do with agriculture, water, HIV and Aids, Mining, Transport and other many more because they have energy.

Chileka said “Engage and meaning fully involve marginalised groups such as women, girls , youths, people with disabilities, children, and people living with HIV and Aids.”

Chileka said Government should also ensure that financial flows do deliver all goals in time. ” This should include domestic and international funding, gender responsive budgeting and meeting existing spending commitments and tackling unfair tax systems,”

during the briefing, panellists accused government for taking 115 plus delegates to the United General Assembly in New york.



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