Government concedes that Malawi is in crisis

Peter Mutharika

The Malawi government says it agrees with the remarks made by the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Synod of Livingstonia that the country is in an economic crisis.

Peter Mutharika
President Peter Mutharika’s govt concedes to be in crisis.

According to a Ministry of Information, Tourism and Civic Education press release made available to Malawi24, government says Malawi’s problems requires concerted efforts from everyone.

“Government wishes to acknowledge the balanced and sober approach that the Synod has taken to highlight the issues, giving credit where it is due and rallying the efforts of all Malawians to address, through concerted efforts, the challenges that the country is currently facing,” reads part of the release signed by Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education Jappie Mhango.

In its statement, government has also assured the synod that it is doing everything possible to address all the problems which the country is facing.

At the end of its General Administrative Committee meeting in Rumphi, the Livingstonia Synod released a statement highlighting some of the positives and challenges Malawians are facing since President Peter Mutharika took power in 2014.




  1. Than to solve problem rocking the nation these dunderheads are busy wasting poor people’s tax payers money by taking the whole village to the UNGA what rubbish is that?i tell you what if i was a suicide bomber peter mutharika and your friends wud hv bn bombed…stupid idiotic pig headed president.

  2. This is an easy crisis to solve. Stop deforestation= more rain and stable weather patterns. Then. All farmers should be planting more than one crop a year, malawi has some of the best soil in the world. Almost anything can grow and start exporting= more money coming into malawi. Crack down on these thieves trying to wreck our beautiful country= more money not stolen. We are overpopulated, the gov. Shuld stop this= more money saved by gov. Find more ways to get money. We have a lake,land, hard working people,fish. Easy as that. Malawi is perfect. We just need the perfect gov. For a perfect country✌✌✌✌

  3. Mukutikama posatimvera chisoni, mukumwa mkaka umene mwatikama pano mukutiuza kuti ” zoonadi mdikomuno muli vuto lakusowa kwa mkaka” Apo koma inu chikapu cha mkaka chili kukamwa monyada mukunena kuti aliyense akuyenera kutengapo mbali pa kupezeka kwa mkaka koma mwaiwala kuti amphawife mukutikama mokakamiza mkaka womwe mukuika munzitini zobookanso. Abale kunjakutu kuli Mulungu. Muwerenge buku loyera Habakuku 1,2 ndi 3 mumve zomwe anapanga Habakuku ataliralira koma mayankho asakupezeka. Mumve zomwe zinachitika. Pena anthu akatopa ndikulira amangokhala inu ndikumayesa kuti onse akugwirizana ndi zomwe mukuchita. Tamaphunzirani abale pomwe nzanu anapezerapo tsoka inu mukuyenera kuyendapo mosamara. CHONDE musatiunjirire magoli mkhosi aziphwinjo. Taonani mukuti pano mupanga misonkho yomalipira panseu. mukakama mkaka umenewo mudzakamwerenso kunja. Apa sindamva kuti mkaka omwe unatengedwa unatha mpaka wina wathamanga ndi mkaka wina kuti mukamwenso kunjako? Ayi chabwino!!!!!!!!!! Koma dziwani izi…..chomwe chinayamba chimakhala ndichimaliziro ndipo chimaliziro chimadikira kudza kumapeto kwa china chilichonse. Angakhale mungauluke ngati chiombankhanga mmakutu mutatseka, koma pali tsiku limodzi mudzatele.

  4. kupusa tonkha amalawi lero ndiizi u president tinaupereka ngati perpetual kingdom in one country tisalire zofuna zanthu chaka chimodzi mikwingwirima thooo kkkkkk malawi

  5. Concerted effort from everyone? Whats that gotta do with everyone? The Government need to put better laws that will help citizens earn better when they fend for themselves. The country has NO manufacturing business and u hear THOSE in high offices putting up tough customs law. What do u expect citizens to do? UPRISE? Then they will, remember 1992?

  6. Palibe chanzeru kuba kokhakokha mmalo moti mkwiyo uzikachitikira kwa mwini woononga zinthuyo koma ayi umakachitikira mma shop kungobwezeretsa chitukuko mmbuyo

  7. Poor Administration And Childish Gvnment! Chiuta Mtovwire. Ayehovamwe! Ndimenyeleni Nkhondo Ine Satana Watisuzga… Singing

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  9. In God evrything is possible, Lets make a fasting for the whole country only 1 week. The other time God wanted to destroye Nenevi what happened?

  10. God is the one who chooses a leader and if we can beg Him through prayers He is also the one who can take him….GOD DONT ALLOW YOUR PEOPLE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF ONE PERSON, take Peter Muthalika like the way you did to his brother Bingu , OTHERWISE INNOCENT PEOPLE GOONA PERISH

  11. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,, That blue adminstration will be scoffed to the maxmum coz of its Panjandrumism of its leader ,,,,,,, and since ppl opted fr that ,,, then dnt cry ,,,,

  12. never judge aperson without finish his or her race cause u don’t knw for how many problem will come if u put another one be wise malawians and look forward cause. some of malawians they just take aproblem of today without knowning about tomorrow but remember #zimawoneka_zopweka_akamapanga_wina #koma_kuti_upange nothing

  13. Dziko la Malawi lizakhala chabe chifanizo pakutha zaka ziwiri zomwe alamulire munthu ameneyi. Ambuye kumwambako tiveleni chifundo tachepa ndife ana anu, ndipo tikupepha kuti mutichotsele munthu ameneyi pakati pathu poti ndata anamanga kale nkulu wake, ndikulekeza zonse mumanja mwanu ambuye amen

  14. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,,,, No Concedes watsoever, people have been talking about it fr so long but it was like stoning the Police while Canabbis is in the pocket ,,,, So that admission has nothing to do wth Malawians espncially at this time when economy has reached at a climactic zone ,,,,, How can the gvt concedes abt economic crisis then at the sem tym she has gathered a huge team to attend a mtn in usa ? How many millions of kwachas will go dwn the drain ? So that concede has no meaning and baseless ,,,,,,,, He is a Professor, he’s gona sort it out ,,,, Professors neva fail and we are lucky to hv him ,,,,,, But remember,,,,, A single minded person, Ate wax ,,, Yu dnt need to be stubborn jst bcz yu are a professor, yu nid to gather different views frm other respctd ppl and cm up wth one ans ,,,,,,

  15. The Solution To All This Is Quiet Simple To The Humble Hearted,But Still Hard To A Selfish And Noisy Malawi Society.Our Fore fathers Lived In The Era When Education Wasn’t As Easy To Access As Ourselves And Rearly One Would Complete And Get Themselves Qualifications,But They Were Bright And Caring To Each Other.There Were No Computers And Internet.Almost Everything Was Dry And Manual Making Life Even Harder But They Still Joined Hands To Work And Put Things Right Together.The Fruits,We Have Living Evidence Today.It’s Very Unfortunate That Today We’re Living The Opposite While The Table Has Turned.All We Know Better Is Corruption,Backbitting And Castigating Yet We Have All The Chances To Live Even Better Than The Past.We’re Too Much Noisy For Nothing And Too Much Lazy On The Ground.It’s Not The President Or The Government But It Is Us To Fight On And Win Success.Try To Maintain Silence And Practically Change Our Mindset And Be Humble Just Like Our Fore Fathers And I Challenge You Things’ll Turn Round To The Better.

  16. I thought u said our president is a highly educated fellow? Didn’t you say that he is intelligent?? Where is the so called intelligence of his? If he is really intelligent let him demonstrate to his voters!!!

  17. Malawi is agood country and have our belove president who is well educated, To me I would like to beg from our president that if possble that JCE Certificate & STD 8 Certificate should remain as it was Nothing more Ibeg.

  18. So why do we have a gvt so far we have two major problem our economy is poor Escom is also perfoming poorly , these people will learn when civilians rise up.

  19. Do we need to be told, can’t our eyes see ,can’t our ears hear, can’t our mouth not speak ! If we can’t that means we are dead!Some wisemen of the east already forsaw these things. last financial year after Cashgate! Let’s ask for Gods diVine intervention otherwise we are doomed!

  20. The sooner ur so called presdent being inpeached the better for us all.Don’t sit back there asking our ideas while u know very well that ain’t taking any of them……Let me ask here,tell me who voted for that man? Huh? Who says proffessors are good enough for the sit.You knw well tht he did not win,and he doesn’t deserve to be misleading malawians and doing whtever tht pleases him,oooh please….send him back to where he was before the post of president.
    The Boat is sinking,the you we should fasten our seatbelts? Come of it,people are starving,while he pays for other 111pple to NewYork. For fun eeeeh?

    1. Are you a member of parliament? Because the last time I checked the law it was only mp’s who can impeach. Anyway, we need this mess sorted out and we need to bang our heads. We need action chifukwa zawonjeza.

  21. But if the DPP led government is able to fly a village tp United Nations General Assembly while we are in this economic mess how flamboyant will these guys be when the country will be in economic prosperity if indeed that is achievable

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