Revealed: Ng’ambi refused to come in as a substitute


Flames head coach Ernest Mtawali has revealed that midfielder Robert Ng’ambi refused to come in as a second half substitute during Malawi’s two-all-draw against Swaziland in the 2017 African Cup of Nations some weeks ago.

According to information sourced by Malawi24, Mtawali submitted a report to the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) of what exactly happened before and during the match.

Robbert Ng'ambi

Ng’ambi refused to be brought in.

It is believed that the Platinum Stars midfielder complained of a knock when he was about to be introduced, forcing Mtawali to use Chawanangwa Kaonga.

But after the game, Ng’ambi vented his anger on his coach for warming the bench throughout the match.

He told reporters that his snubbing was a clear indication that he was no longer in the plans of the mentor.

“We could have won the match had it been that some of the players were serious enough. Every coach has his own strategy but then we shouldn’t make hasty decisions,” he told the media just after the match.

Commenting on the latest developments concerning the row between the duo, FAM general secretary Suzgo Nyirenda said he was yet to meet Mtawali to discuss the submitted report.

“The report is indicating that he (Ng’ambi) excussed himself from being used as a substitute because he has a knock. I cannot pre-empt everything now, let me meet the coaches first and find out what exactly happenned,” said Nyirenda.

Prior to the match, Mtawali had dropped senior players including captain Joseph Kamwendo and it was only Ng’ambi who survived the chop.

Currently, the Flames squad comprised of local players is in camp preparing for their 2018 FIFA World Cup preliminary first round qualifier away to Tanzania on 4 October before a return leg on 11th the same month.

It is not known whether the midfielder will be called for the clash or not.



  1. Robert Lewandowski scored 5 goals when he came on as a substitute. He only needed 9 mins to score all of the mentioned goals………….its not that when u r benched then you are nt good enough for the coach it might mean the coach wants to study the game n feature u at a particular special juncture to rescue ur team……..Pity that big players are always furious when they dnt start a match! Ndalalata apa?

  2. nyumba sungayambe foundation ndi zidina zosawotcha kumaliza ndi zowotcha palibe chochitika,awa akadzimva kwambiri ziwakanika,Ng’ambi ndi akatundu ena,olo ndikanakhala ine sindikanolowa,zinali zachibwana chanchombo lende.

  3. kukasia atusaye nyondo oti ali game time .amene mukufanizila messi inu mpira simauziwa.Robin ngalande aliku plantinum koma sanamenyepo game pamene ng’ambi 90 mins ndezisapweteke mumati?

  4. heee kamwendo and bajo are de best midfielders here in malawi i wonder why ntawali amadana nawo last time anamusiya kamwendo ndikufunaso kuti bajo asayiyambe hhhhmmm what kind of a coach z he

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  6. Let the coach do his job well. And Ng’ambi must think as other most good players like Kanyenda. If u r a good player, does nt mean u play good football all the time.Ma Team otchuka kuno ku SA akuluza ndi ana. That does not mean matimuwo atha koma pasikulo zinawavuta. Learn that our players plz. Kochi akakuona kuti suli boh in ur perfomance nthawi imeneyo, there is no need to use ur name in football.

  7. Robert iz a good prayer Enerst iz agood coach but he musnt trust in local prayers chimenechi ndichimene chikuchititsa BAFANA BAFANA kusachita bwino no need to put BAJO on the bench pomwe ku club kwake amamenya 90 minutes..

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  9. l accept Ngambi is a good player but he shound not grow wings on national team coaches; The nation team is not a club in south Africa; He should behave like Esau Kanyend, he can be left on the bench he does not grow wings he still behaves; Dont discourage Ernest Mtawali he is a good coach we are tired with recyled coaches; Even if we dont qualify it will not add an iota to our footballing status;

  10. I don’t blv ntawali y did it tek him so long to say what happened? He z planing of dropng him again n this wil b his xcuz. Sikubadwa kale koma kuyendausiku komwe kupangisa kuona fisi a ntawali simungaziwe zonse

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  18. The coach needs to be respected. Team’s success also relies on players’ good behaviour. I have now come to conclusion, are the players that make coach’s job to be difficult.

  19. From previous reports that indicated FAM wants to meet the player & the coach.What does FAM wants to discuss?This report says FAM GS wants to discuss the match report.What do they want to discuss?Adminstrative/Technical?Zimenezi ndi zomwe zikusokoneza mpira ku Malawi coz ma coach alibe mphamvu zenizeni ku mateam.Had it been I was Mtawali I could have completely droped the player.Remember the coach complained about players attitude.Sizimenezi nanga!!!