Reverends disciplined after claiming Blantyre Synod is being used by politicians


Blantyre Synod has disciplined four reverends after the church ministers claimed that the synod is being used by politicians.

The ministers are Reverends Donnex Ngalande, Duncan Kananji, Maloya and Mkwezalamba.

On Tuesday, the reverends held a press briefing where they claimed that politicians are using the church to promote regionalism ahead of the fresh presidential elections.

“[Looking at] gathering of ministers funded by political parties and religious organizations formed to serve interests of political parties leads one to conclude that churches are no longer serving social needs of their flock,” said Ngalande.

He did not mention the politicians who are using the church

He, however, said the Reverends wrote the church about the issue but they were not.

But at a press conference today, Blantyre Synod General Secretary Reverend Billy Gama said the constitution of the synod only allows the General Secretary to communicate the Synod’s communications.

He said the synod will conduct a hearing for the ministers because they have breached the synod’s constitution.

“The synod respects its constitution and governance court systems as well where each and every sector of the institution is given space to air out their views and to be heard.

“To that effect, if the said ministers had any issues with the leadership of the Synod, they could have brought those concerns through the necessary Synod’s court without rushing to the media,” he said.