Chakwera pledges to implement women’s manifesto


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera has pledged to implement the women’s manifesto being championed by Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC).

The MCP leader signed a commitment to support the manifesto on Monday at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe.


Speaking with reporters, Chakwera congratulated the women’s movement and pledged to support women once elected into power.

“I can assure that our political party has a number of policies and terms lined up aimed at supporting women,” he explained.

Chakwera then encouraged people to celebrate Kamuzu in a memorable way as a hero of this country who transformed it to a better place.

He said Kamuzu Day was supposed to celebrate it in a colorful manner to recognize those who served this country and fought hard for this country.

In her remarks, Chairperson for Non-Governmental Gender Coordination Network Braba Banda said that the signing of the document gives them hope that the parties will contribute a lot towards their manifesto.

The manifesto among others says there should be increase of resources to education and calls for progressive measures to end abuse of the girls by teachers.

On environment and economic empowerment, the women want to ensure that there is conductive environment which guarantees women’s access to capital and skills training and development.