Msaka: I will create right environment for all Malawians to realise their goals


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the Eastern Region Bright Msaka says he wants to become president of Malawi in 2025 to provide leadership which will repair the broken economy and support individuals in Malawi make money for themselves.

Msaka made the remarks this afternoon when he announced his bid for the DPP presidency at the party’s convention in 2023.

Msaka, aged 62, said if elected as DPP president, he will offer himself to serve as Malawi’s president in 2025.

“My vision and the DPP’s agenda under my leadership will be to serve Malawians and create an enabling environment for all Malawians to realise their goals and aspirations,” said Msaka.

He argued that the country’s has no leadership currently as the economy is on its deathbed, all hope is lost and Malawians are groaning under the pain of hunger, lack of opportunities and rising cost of goods.

According to Msaka, he will utilize his experience to provide leadership that understands how to repair the economy, depoliticize the civil service, manage international relations for the benefit of Malawi, make agriculture profitable, create opportunities, end tribalism and make Malawi an exporting country.

“My vision is to create a system of government that works for the people, a government that is effective, a government that makes its citizens succeed,” said Msaka.

In arguing for his bid for the DPP presidency, Msaka said DPP has registered tremendous success in the Eastern Region in terms of votes during elections and number of Members of Parliament since he became vice president in 2015.

“The level of growth has not been achieved in any of our political regions. I believe that with the right kind of leadership, the DPP can achieve comparable success in all part of our country,” said Msaka.

Msaka’s bid for the DPP presidency comes weeks after the current DPP president Peter Mutharika claimed that people have been urging him to return to the presidency.

On what he will do if former President Peter Mutharika decides to contest at the DPP convention in order to vie for the presidency again, Msaka said he will also make his decision if the situation arises.

Msaka who is Member of Parliament for Machinga Likwenu previously served as a diplomat, a cabinet minister in different portfolios and Secretary to the President and Cabinet for a period of nine years.


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