23 year old Malawian woman raise over K40 million on GoFundMe for orphans


A 23-year-old young woman and TikTok user Tusayiwe Mkhondya has shared a video on the social media platform detailing how she wakes up at 4 in the morning to prepare breakfast for more than 34 children and orphans she looks after. A GoFundMe donation page created on her behalf has already raised over K40 million (£32 thousand) within a month of it being online.

Tusayiwe who is based in Mzuzu got pregnant aged 15 and gave birth to her child at 16. Her child has autism and she noticed that at his preschool the child was being abused as teachers did not know how to take care of him.

Tusayiwe packing meals

So she  founded her organisation called You Are Not Alone (Yana) which has a preschool that is open to other children, including children with special needs.

Currently, Tusayiwe takes care of 34 children orphans. On TikTok where she has over 600,000 followers, she shares how she looks after the children, from waking up at 4am to preparing breakfast and lunches which she packs for the children to taking care of the children during the night.

“Some [of the children] are orphans, some have only one parent, some have both parents but they have been abandoned by those parents. I provide education, empowerment and skills,” she said.

The school depends on well-wishers and she has a GoFundMe page where she has raised over £32,000.

An update posted on the page on June 27 shows that the organisation has used some of the funds to buy 6 hectares of land.

“From the money that was made we had some Change and the money will be used for the next phase which is building YANA village,” the statement says.

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