Police confiscate generators at filling stations


As fuel crisis continues to hit Malawi, Police have confiscated non-functioning generators as well as motorcycle and car fuel tanks at filling stations in Lilongwe City.

The law enforcers allege that fuel vendors have been using dead generators as well as tanks to buy fuel which they resell on the black market.

This has been happening after Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) banned purchasing of fuel using jerry cans.

Lilongwe Police Spokesperson Hastings Chigalu said they visited different filling stations where they have seized nine fake generators, 12 vehicle and motorcycle fuel tanks, and over 20 jerrycans that were left unattended on queues after police started to verify one-by-one.

Some vendors have been taking advantage of the fuel crisis in Malawi to buy fuel at K1,750 per litre from filling stations and resell at at K5000 per litre.

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