HRDC to lead protests over fuel crisis


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has given President Lazarus Chakwera 21 days to come out with concrete measures on fuel crisis saying if government fails to resolve the issue by the 29th of November 2022, the organization will lead mass demonstrations on 7 December, 2022.

HRDC Chairperson Gift Trapence has made the statement during a press briefing which was conducted on Tuesday in Lilongwe.

Speaking with reporters, Trapence said that the country is facing a lot of challenges despite having a president who was supposed to be providing solutions as such they have decided to remind the president that Malawians who are suffering today are the ones who put him in power hence they deserve better.


He added by asking Lazarus Chakwera to reboot the system by firing underperforming ministers and officers and hire people that will help him deliver his agenda.

“The government must fix the fuel problem with 21 days. We do not want to see any fuel queues beyond 29 November, 2022. President Chakwera should, within 21 days, spell out concrete measures from addressing Affordable Inputs Program (AIP) chaos with concrete timelines of when and how this will be achieved.

“Government should fire NOCMA acting Chief Executive Officer Helen Buluma because she has been presiding over the fuel crisis,” said Trapence.

He also called on President Chakwera to give a directive stopping senior government officials, including Cabinet Ministers and himself, from all non-essential traveling both within the country and internationally.

He then asked Chakwera to direct law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute all suspected culprits involved in this year’s AIP mess.

He said from 2019 to 2020, HRDC led Malawians to defend the democracy and the future of the country and it was nothing personal against the previous regime and today Malawians are not impressed with the performance of the current president.

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  1. Akatelo wina afuna apasidwe banz. Mxiiii we are tired of being puppets for you when you want to fill your pockets. HRDC shoukd just sleep and let us suffer in peace. These people take us for a joke, we look funny in thier faces.

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