Onesimus in earth shaking project


After a successful 2015 release of the Miracle Money banger, Malawi gospel artist Onesimus cannot wait to feed fans’ ears with another heavenly motivated hit.

Born Sopani Armstrong Kalua, Onesimus switched to gospel in 2013 having made a name as a secular artist.

His decision attracted a mixture of reactions, nevertheless a U-turn was a mission impossible. His forthcoming studio work, It is done, falls in his gospel playlist with more and more to follow.


Onesimus : In a fresh project.

It is done is currently in its final stages with the release date decided. Winter fears for the worst as it will be neutralised by the 21st June dropping of Onesimus’ song which is coming in the company of ‘massive heat.’

Speaking to Malawi24 on Thursday, Onesimus said the song will be available on internationally accredited music sites in the first week of release. It will also be available on for sale.

“In the first week the song will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all other 60 leading stores in the world. It will also be available on Malawi Music for sale,” hinted Onesimus.

It is done is a gospel song in Afro-pop genre, with a message that touches people’s lives. According to Onesimus, it came as a revelation when his spiritual father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was ministering to a congregation.

“The song is based on the word of God, with a prophetic message “It is done” God will supernaturally provide all their needs,” said Onesimus.

The musician has among other producers worked with renowned local music creator DJ Sley who did the instrumentation part. Other producers DJ Megi, and Justin Smith have done the mixing and mastering respectively.

The South Africa based artist plans to visit Malawi for a music performance in the near future.

This follows his local fan’s outcry over his prolonged absence from his motherland after the artist went to Botswana where he had a colourful album tour earlier this year.

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