Wearing of masks no longer mandatory in Malawi


The Presidential taskforce on Covid-19 has announced that wearing of face masks is no longer mandatory and limitation on the number of people gathering for both indoor and outdoor functions has been removed.

Minister of Health, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda who is Co-Chairperson of the task force, made the announcement today during government faces the press at Central Office of Information in Lilongwe.

Chiponda, however, said that it’s still mandatory for people in hospitals, refugee camps and prisons to put on face masks as their places have high risk of transmission.

She also emphasized that people whose jobs put them at high risk of getting the virus such as teachers, police, immigration and army officers, health workers, people in the hospitality industry and sports, should get vaccinated. She extended the plea to the elderly and people with underlying health conditions like diabetes and those living with HIV/AIDS.

The Minister encouraged Malawians to strictly adhere to all Covid-19 preventive measures as the disease is still there with active cases being at 146.

She urged citizens to continue frequent hand washing, get Covid-19 vaccines, observe social distance, voluntarily put on facemasks while boarding public transport, and in large gatherings.

The Minister of Health also highlighted that all immigrants from the age of 12 above coming into the country, will be asked to produce a Covid-19 vaccination certificate or PCR Card before they are allowed to enter into the country.

She further said that screening of communicable diseases like Covid 19 and monkey pox in all border posts and airports will continue as one way of fighting the diseases.

The Minister nonetheless pointed out that once number of Covid 19 cases and deaths starts rising again, all preventive measures which have been removed, will be put back in place.

Reported by James Kanyenda