Two boys die in blaze


Two children aged 3 and 4 in Mulanje have died in a fire which started after they set alight a heap of grass.

Mulanje Police Public Relations Officer, Gresham Ngwira, has identified the children as Manuel Thonje, 4, and Praise Fransa, 3, both from Nakuzale Village, Traditional Authority Mtombodiya in Mulanje District.

Thokozani Thonje, father to one of the boys, told police that the two and another friend were playing behind the house where there was a heap of grass.

The boys then took matches and set the grass on fire. The house also caught fire and one of the children ran away.

However, the other two hid on the other side of the grass where the fire burnt them.

People managed to rescue some items from the burning house but did not know that the children were in the mound of grass where they got burnt to death.

They only realised after asking the other children about his friends’ whereabouts, to which he replied that they had hidden in the mound of grass.