Sex workers jailed for parading man naked


A court in Ntcheu on Monday sentenced two sex workers to four years in prison for stripping naked a male client and parading him around a trading centre.

The two have been identified as Patricia Chapotera aged 21 and Ruth Wizman, 20.

The sex workers accused the client of failing to settle a bill after sleeping with one of them.

CourtCourt through state prosecutor inspector Evans Kamtukule heard that on Wednesday February 7, 2018, the 26 year old man went to a bar for beer drinking.

At the bar, he met a sex worker with whom he later had sex with.

However, the man failed to pay the sex worker in the morning and a quarrel erupted between the two.

Another sex worker ganged up with the first one claiming she was also yet to get her payment from the same man for the services she provided some time back.

The two sex workers stripped the man of all his clothes as punishment. They then paraded the naked man around the trading centre.

Onlookers rescued the man and the matter was later reported to Ntcheu police.

The women were charged with indecent assault which contravenes section 137 of the Penal Code.

They pleaded guilty to the charge and prayed for leniency.

But the state asked the court to give the two stiff punishment saying the victim’s right to privacy was violated and that the two could have chosen other means of getting the money.

In his ruling, Ntcheu First Grade Magistrate Crispin Sachuluka sentenced the two to two years in prison each.




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