Zimbabwe: Mugabe resigns

Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe has resigned, halting impeachment procedures that had started to out despot.

Robert Mugabe falls Zimbabwe
Mugabe: Falls from grace

Speaker of Parliament in Zimbabwe Jacob Mudenda read a letter purportedly written by Mugabe, bringing an end to the 37-year rule.

Mugabe says he has resigned voluntarily to pave way for  a smooth transition of power.

“My decision to resign is voluntary on my part and arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and my desire for a smooth, non-violent transfer of power,”  said Mugabe in the letter.

The streets of Harare erupted in celebration after Mr Mugabe’s resignation was announced during a joint session of both houses of the Zimbabwean parliament that had gathered to launch impeachment proceedings.

Meanwhile, the ruling Zanu-PF party which had expelled Mugabe as its leader has picked Emmerson Mnangagwa as successor. Mnangagwa was fired by Mugabe to pave way for his wife, Grace Mugabe, to succeed him.

Mnangagwa’s sacking successfully triggered the ripple effect that has ended with Mr. Mugabe throwing in the towel.

The army had staged what commentators had described as a soft coup, backing Mnangagwa while demanding Mugabe to resign who was the world’s oldest leader at 93.

After the resignation announcement, lawmakers roared in jubilation.

Emmerson Mnangagwa
Mnangagwa: The chosen one

Responding to the news that Robert Mugabe has resigned as President of Zimbabwe, Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International said post-Mugabe government must open new chapter of respect for rights.

“After more than three decades of violent repression, the way forward for the country is to renounce the abuses of the past and transition into a new era where the rule of law is respected and those who are responsible for injustices are held to account” said Shetty.

Robert Mugabe became Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in 1980 after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom. He officially became the President of Zimbabwe in 1987 and he has ruled the country unchallenged since then.

According to Amnesty, tens of thousands of people were tortured, forcibly disappeared or killed during the 37 years of President Mugabe’s leadership.

“The next generation of leaders must commit itself to upholding the constitution, living up to Zimbabwe’s international human rights obligations and treating its people with dignity and justice.” added Shetty.

Ironically, Mnangagwa who is nicknamed the Crocodile was deeply involved in most of the alleged crimes as he was Mugabe’s right hand man.



  1. Peter nayenso nthawi yake ifika coz Mugabe asabapange resigns fanz yonse yazimbabwe inatopa naye ndipo anapanga zotheka nawe malawi wake up galuyu akutipitisa kuti

  2. Mugabe did his part. What are you going to do as a Zimbabwean .? This is not easy to recover. Work harder fi De money

  3. Blackson Msukwa,, you ask when Mugabe will die?? My brother that’s childishly no one knows that and you better ask yourself if you’re wright……

    1. Yes, Mugabe was a great leader – if you enjoy genocide against the Ndebele, theft/torture/murder of whites and their workers, torture/rape/murder of political opponents and making 500000 to 800000 people homeless and causing the masses to starve.

  4. Its the end of Mugabe last chapter, we had all the stories about him, some good and some bad. Never rash to judge the future of Zim will be good but wait and see. After all let us all wish them all the best.

  5. alot of pple u r saying shit over mugabe’s exit but let me tell you onani sopano what UK goverment is sayin muzimvera news and muzionera tv u will get where the world is goin osangofikila kumakamba bwerera and ena u are sayin about Mutharika’s regime guys be serious pazimene malawians akukumana nawo ndi za ma zimbabweans amakumana nawo zikufanana?


    1. I cannot believe how many people here support Mugabe! He was the man who brutally murdered missionaries. He was the man who has caused almost the entire population to be poor, starving and jobless. He murdered 35000 Ndebele people just because they were Ndebele (Gukhurahundi). He played the race card when he was losing popularity and stole the land from the 5th generation Zimbabweans who happened to be white, tortured and murdered them. They would drive to the border with SA and they weren’t even allowed to take their cars, just clothing and MWK1000. They tortured and murdered their (black) farm workers. They stole the land “for the black people” then distributed among the ZANU cronies instead like typical communist scum do. Mugabe made up to 800,000 people homeless by bulldozing their shacks (Murambatsvima). Mugabe used food aid for political purposes by denying overseas food donations to non-ZANU supporters. Mugabe has completely destroyed his country and oversaw the worst inflation in history.

      I am only sad that he is meekly leaving office, I will save the celebrations for when he dies. What is also sad is that they are replacing him with an equally wicked man – Mugabe ordered the Ndebele slaughter, Mnangagwe actually went there and did the slaughter.

  7. my advise to fellow Malawias……This coming elections dont vote for Old people to represent us plz……lets open our eyes and seee! Lets Build New Malawi.

  8. Ikangotuluka 5000 asilikali akulowa mchire azangodziwiratu gondwe kuti chake palibe chifukwa ndiamene akulimbikira ngati Malawi ndiyake yekha kumatifunsako maganizo ife kumudzi kuno m’mene tikuvutikira

  9. *”Cowards are those who could not beat me when I was young but have decided to do when I am 93 years”*

    President Mugabe

    This man

  10. You are cerebrating for nothing and things cannot change coz these are last days men are hating one onother for no clear reason. Mugabe is a hero and he don’t want to be cheated with these whites. Wise words from #Malawian boy

  11. Mr.mugabe is intelligent and highly qualified man who fought for independence.he overstayed and didnt go at the best time.he made history and all should wish him a peaceful retirement

  12. I,ve been following mr mugabe since the year 1990 he was so great, and he was loving his people.everybody have got his own weakness so mr mugabe i wish u all the best .

  13. The Malawians never suffered much like the Zimbabweans. Look at their currency now, they use RSA Rand, Botswana Pula, and American Dollar. Malawi still uses its currency. Sometimes you have to thank God that you have a President like Muntharika. The day you will go for shopping carrying the money on a wheelbarrow, is when you will remember him. You think the best President is coming? Wait and see.

  14. Kodi people are u happy with this ndalama zili mmatumba mwa andale pano ma business sakuyenda ndlama yasowa ngati za nthawi ya Bingu kumapeto zinali motere kukwera mtengo kwa dzinthu koma anthu akuonjezeredwa mochepa 2% ndi chani kwa ogwira ntchito pomwe dzinthu zikukwera 100% kunonso tilande boma basi

  15. Ma president atamachotsedwa chonchi zitha kukhala bwino ena azitengerapo phunziro azichita zokomera ambiri koma pano akutitenga ngati si ife anthu akumapanga zokomera okha/ ku tsekedwa kwa ma bank mmalawi from 2014 to 2017 ndi chitsimikizo choti dziko silikuyenda bwino kuchotsedwa kwa anthu ambiri ntchito

  16. Chili chonse chimachitika munthawi caus kwa wena Mugabe ndi wabwino kwa wena ndioyipa ndi mmene dziko lapansi limachitila ndipo anthu Zimbabwe ayembekezele okudzayo naye adzakhalanso ndi mabvuto ake mpaka oweluza okhulupilika ndiulamuliro wa chilungamo yesu adzabwere

  17. Sooo!
    Are you GOOD ENOUGH to make:
    ♡Productive Land
    ♡Productive Industries
    ♡Productive Schools
    You are just cry jealousy babies!!
    Looking for something you cant be able to control!!
    Did Mugabe do zero work?
    Because ; if MUTHARIKA in Malawi is not liked by black people; then power must go back to WHITEMAN!
    Unless if there are young men like #Mutharika→i have searched→i cant find!

  18. Wow!!kkkkk congats ,amazing its high time for Sekuru to go 4 a French holiday.That should be a wake up call 2 African leaders who cling to power 4 a long period ,They show the Calibre of Nelson Mandela,may Hz soul rest in eternal peace.

  19. I wish a good farewell to Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He has done his part. May his successor continue building that Nation from where he left, and for the betterment of all the people of Zimbabwe.

  20. So far Mr. Mugabe mwacita bwno , apa ndpo muzilandila ulemu wapadela.
    Sikuti mungasaukeso kapena kufa ndi njala mayaz osaopa! Pa mwez muzilandilaso

    wasala uyu akungotukwanidway!!!

  21. at last zimb will now click into a new chapter.is it now becoming a common norm for african presidents to cling to power. they just cant move on their own but waiting for a boot.greedy! greedy !greedy!

  22. To God be the glory in Jesus name, let old leaders help the youth, these madalas they have destroyed and failed Africa. They have put Africa in the cage. We are slaves in Africa. Soon will take away African colonial borders. Freedom has come to Zimbabweans and soon to the whole Africa. Shame all these wrong leaders who take people of God like their property. Good bye Mugabe and Bingu will join soon

    1. Palibe chomwe ukudziwa.Azungu amadana ndi munthu wozindikira amayesetsa kumupezera zifukwa.Koma Mugabe kumbali yake anamenyera ufulu dziko lake polanda malo azungu ndikupereka anthu okuda. Pamenepo azungu asangalala kt munthu amene amamuopa salinso paudindo.Ayamba kubwelera ku zimbabwe kukalanda malo. Ndipamene mugabe adzakumbukiridwe ndi anthu.

  23. Its not his plan but because he sorounded by wrong people who think there pocket that’s why he do so.no one can do or accept in life but people are eval and take not this started from church people of now my dear are eval.

  24. ena inu mukuñgoti wasala muntharika mukuganiza kuti ngati ndionse akumufuna çhakwela wanuyo zinazi kumaziona ulesi basi kumango dalira boma

    1. Anthu sakukamba za chakwera tutha kusankha president yemwenso mwina ali phee inu simukumudziwa kodi ngati anthu akuti uyu achoke tikunena kiti alowe chakwera ngati koma zanyanya pano ku malawi inu simukiona?

      1. magetsi simadzi okha mbuzi iwe. kagwele uko ndi bwampini wako wopanda mano mkamwayo!!!!!!!!!

    2. An opposition MP in Zimbabwe has warned all African presidents that what has happened in Zimbabwe should be a warning to them.If people are oppressed,they will be removed just as Mugabe and I quote`What has happened here in Zimbabwe is a strong warning to all African presidents.if people are tired of oppression they will remove you from the position`

    3. mukati mavuto inu mavutowa mwayamba kuwawona lero!!?mesa mwachita kubadwa nawo ndipo muzawasiyaso. olo atandiyika doom mkamwa sindingavotere chakwera. mavuto is nomal way kuti azikhalapo chofunika ndi kulimbika osatopa andalewa atichedwesa palibe wabwino tingomuleka kaye amalize 10 yrs zakezi.

    4. Man, no one depends on gvt to feed his family. Aliyese amadzidyetsa ekha… Komano pali zinthu zina si ntcito ya ife ma ordinary people kuti tingatengepo mbali ai, eg.. Kusowa kwa Mankhwala m’zipatala, Kukwera kwa zinthu, ma gvt workers kulandira malipiro mochedwa… kusowa kwa zitukoku m’maderamu ambiri.. do you think kuti imeneyi ndi ntcito ya munthu kapena Boma? We all do feed by ourselves but gvt has own part to do imene akulepheranso kuichita…

    5. WAULES NDIWE AKUPANGILE 5000 sikutha phamvu kwandalama kumeneko pomwe maiko azathuwa malile ake 200 BAs pano akutiposa azambia andale akumalawi umbava bas amangolemera okha

  25. its fair to say mugabe has been forced to step down, much as I hv always felt like there has been huge need for regime change in zimb…it’s bn long overdue, as it stands there is no tangible reason of squeezing him to step down, they would hv waited until election time next year where they would legally dispute Mugabe’s decision to install his wife as a presidential candidate. However the most important thing now is to look at the implications post-Mugabe era you see USA and UK are happy, they have their evil interests up their sleeves soon they will grab the land and dominate zim gvnt up to their bedrooms and they will make sure they possess defensive measures so that shld a leader with Mugabe’s ideologies get installed, they shld never be pushed out of zim. becareful with what you are wishing for Zimbabweans but at least Zimbabweans know that Mugabe fought for their rights and their land ownership of course no perpetual power black out while here in Malawi the leadership deliberately gives out huge pieces of prime land to foreigners and allocate long hours of blackout to areas where majority of Malawians live while allocating eternal power supply to low density residential areas mostly occupied by foreigners! Bingu deliberately positioned his brother to be the next president and it happened all malawians tili ndwiiiiiiiii. Here mugabe wanted his wife to be the next president mugabe gets squeezed out. One may be compelled to think that it’s more justified for this situation of president be squeezed to resign/ be impeached to happen in malawi than Zimbabwe.

    1. #Zweli unless you provide tangible evidence that Malawians were offered land and didn’t develop it otherwise I struggle to trust your assertion

    2. Bingu did not impose Peter there is a gap between the time he died and the time Peter became president. Even Bingu does not know that Peter is now the president. Wakufa sadziwa kanthu bi

    3. #Dyson my question is do u listen or watch TV ???? and what the USA and UK government is sayin over this isue of Mugabe’s exit guys penyani ku sogolo b4 comentin then look on APM’s regim mukuti zikufanana ndi za mugabe zafanana part be wise keep ur mouth shut. Ngat malawi ali ndi ufulu oyankhu za kukhoz kwa anthu musatengerepo advertg. tizingoyang’ana kapena kuganiza b4 comment

    4. #Akamuna, I listen, read and even interviewed people who understand the Mugabe issue it has its own history it didn’t start today there hv bn a lot of efforts from Europe to push Mugabe away. What you hear from Europeans is not what they mean most of them are opportunists with interests that favour them, it’s time we wake up and see beyond that! just watching TV or listening to what they say is simply inadequate! read between the lines. Don’t cheat yourself dude nobody not even the president nor yourself has the right to intimidate us to shut up! never will that happen. Either we like it or not Mugabe has done better things in his country than this sitting president in Malawi. He fought for their land and human rights while here in Malawi you are busy selling land to foreigners and disadvantage your own people. Atleast Europeans would tremble upon hearing the name Mugabe while if they hear the name of your president they don’t give a damn!

  26. Chili chonse chilindinthawi mapemphero/mafuno abwino aMulungu apite Ku Zimbabwe pakuchotsa President mwa Ufulu popanda nkhondo.

  27. Eeeee Zimbabwe pano likhala dziko la Mkaka ndi uchi,how I wish our President to do the same, kuvomeleza kulephera sikulakwanso ai,

  28. The years mugabe has been the president for Zimbabwe are just equivalent to three years Peter muthalika has ruled this country….so iam humbly asking Peter muthalika to do the same

    1. nkhani ya robert mugabe ikufanana pati ndi peter muthalika ? zinazi tamaona komaso tamaganizani musanachite coment

    2. Anyamuke Peter palibe zonyengelera asowe basiii asakufuna akakolope Nyanja onse owononga tsogolo asowe mu Africa tione zina….m

    3. tsoka kwa onse adikilila boma kuti liziwapatsa chithandizo malo momazilimbikila okha ndye ngati uli gulu lanthu otero eeee sory!sory! i say again big sory with uu

    4. #thomasgwaza…..take your time and think why a president is elected and what role he should play to this nation otherwise you are just another coward who doesn’t know anything….

    5. Thomas Gwaza If think you dont know even jacket or underwear amene amavala pitala wakoyo ndi misonkho ya anthu ovutika! may b ndiwe m’bulundi amene sufunira za bwino dziko lathu la malawi,look at him!

    6. l agree with you fully kuti mumfuse alibe kanthu koma busy kumazitenga ngati ngwazi kwatsala pitala apita monga mwadzina lake ndi onse ogwilizana naye house arrest

    7. Muxiona komwe kwachokera zbambwe ndimomwe adutsa zikufanana ndi Malawi? Munayamba mwagulapo zithu ku shop ndikukupangani mark kuti misaguletso? Kukakamizidwa kulowa chipani cholamura? Ndiye a Malawi tiziyamika pazomwe tili compare ndi Ma ZIM, hw long did Mugabe rule Zimbabwe but still on the same level,using other countries currency, kodi Malawi yafikapo pamenepo so anthu mukamalalata mwina you don’t know mene zimbambwe illiri, ndikudziwa kuti muyakhula zambiri kma sizitithandiza, ndiye mwina mungokhala inu president in 2019 mwina mulisitha dxiko la Malawi

    8. lne choti ngayamike palibe these old cockroaches must go one by one Malawi waonongeka and we are slowly following the footsteps of Zimbabwe everything is just a mess

    9. lts so sad that u can’t see our country is a ticking time bomb mwina mumadya nawo because mmalawi aliyense akutha kudzionela yekha life is so difficult nde wina nkumati zinthu zilibwino

  29. mapemphero a Malawi for the better change in their country and vehemently the Mirracle is happening in Zimbabwe i wish my grandfather peter Mutharika to go down also.

    1. Sometimes kumayamika Zimbambwe yadutsa mosakhala , using other country currency, kodi Malawi inayamba yagwiritsapo ndalama ya dxiko lina? Kapena anthu kukakamixidwa kulowa chipani? Kapena ma graduate kukakhala dxiko la eni ma maids, garden boys? Think about it if you don’t know how Zimbambwe suffered just keep quiet

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