FOMCO blasts Mzuzu council over Mchengautuwa dumping site


Friends of Mzuzu Community Organization (FOMCO) has expressed dissatisfaction over Mzuzu City Council (MCC) delay to reallocate the Mchengautuwa dumping site.

Speaking during an interface meeting with Mzuzu city council and Plan Malawi last Friday, FOMCO Executive director Precious Mtambo said it is high time MCC heard the complaints of Mchengautuwa and Mzuzu city residents.

He said the presence of Mchengautuwa dumping site within the residential area poses threats to residents’ health. According to Mtambo, failure to reallocate the dumping site may lead to disease outbreaks.

Garbage strikes concerns in Mzuzu. (Google image)

Mtambo also accused Mzuzu city council of making “fake” promises that it will move the dumping site to Msilo waste management facility which is currently under construction in the outskirts of Mzuzu city.

When asked to mention when the Msilo waste management facility will be ready for usage, Plan Malawi’s representative, Gomezgani Nkosi, said the construction works are almost done but what is remaining is the completion of a 50 metre distance of fencing the facility.

“The project is almost done and what is remaining is to complete the fence for about 50 meters which will cost us about 30 million Kwacha. With the available funds we project to finish within a period of three weeks,” Nkosi said.

Speaking at the meeting, Mzuzu city mayor who is also the councilor for Mchengautuwa ward William Mkandawire blamed what he described as “unnecessary bureaucracy” among concerned stakeholders for the delayed reallocation of Mchengautuwa dumping site.

“The project is done by Mzuzu City Council in partnership with Plan Malawi with funding from the European Union (EU) but it seems there is lack of communication and unnecessary bureaucracy among the stakeholders. However, I am confident that the project will be finished in less than three months”, Mkandawire said.

Meanwhile, Mzuzu city council, Plan Malawi, and friends of Mzuzu are expected to meet on 30th September to map the way forward over the reallocation of the site.

However, Mtambo said if the meeting will not be fruitful they will take undisclosed action.



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  3. Othr wy round we ask ourself dat’ here in Mzuzu Do we hv City Councls? ansr s No’ Y i say so cauz- go der u wl c urslf, n also go insd de Depot, u ll c a burned bus.. yee ses!!! Dey dnt wnt t dump it.

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