Malawi Crime: Australian Pastor dead after attack

Major Geoff Freind

Salvation Army Pastor Major Geoff Friend  from Australia who was attacked by unknown people in Malawi when he was on his preaching tour has died, Police say.

Police had a few week ago indicated that Friend got attacked when he was heading to Chichiri Shopping Mall from a hotel he was being accommodated in the commercial City of Blantyre.

Major Geoff Freind
Major Geoff Freind was attacked in Malawi.

He was attacked when he remained with two weeks to complete the tour.

Police Publicist James Kadadzera told the media of the attack and indicated the law enforcers were still probing the incident.

Mr Freind was put in an induced coma at a Johannesburg hospital, but died on Wednesday.

His wife and four sons had travelled to be by his side.

Mr Freind’s brother-in-law Peter Walker said his family was devastated.

“Geoff was a great family man, he loved his family,” he said.

“The family was the centre of his life.

“He was a great dad and he’s going to be terribly missed.

“None of us can believe what’s happened and we’re each coming to terms with that.

“It’s going to be a massive hole.”

Mr Walker said little was known about the circumstances of Mr Freind’s death but it was believed he was attacked by a group of people and sustained serious head injuries.

“We don’t have a lot of information and that’s not been our focus,” he said.

“We’ve been praying for a miracle but that’s not the news we’ve been able to announce today, we’re sorry.”





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  3. So sad! The man died a very painful death!
    Come on Malawians, what message have you sent to Australians now? Let’s hope this doesn’t come back to haunt Malawi collectively!

  4. aphana okhaokha basi mudzingopezelela a Malawi. Ali ndi umboni ndindani kuti waphedwa ndi amalawi?. ine Malawi ndimamukonda or atapanga zopusa zotani sindidzamusiya. I love you Malawi.

  5. So painful death. Why Malawians doin like this? Were the killers thinking that he was albino. ..mmm no they have strike with God now ans wait for all the revenge comes from Himself God. May He Rest in Peace

  6. That’s why God is keeping on punishing us,ngozi zosatha pamsewu njara, sangatidalitse ataa, tiyeni titengepo gawo pakupempherela chiwanda choipachi kuchoka mdziko mwanthu

  7. Mistaken identity, they thought he is an albino….. This is absurd as a country we need to feel sympathy…..our country men why?????/

  8. That’s because people are smoking too much Chamba these days. they don’t know what a crime is, the world is now going with its desire. people hearts, mind and humanity are now turns from human to wild animals shaaaaame

  9. They ‘are still investigating.As for now they ‘cannot devulge much for fear of jeopardasing investigations’. kkkkk Memorised verses.

    1. #shupie Ntaba. Does that imply that it should have been the albino killed and not the white man? Shupie, all human being life matter, its not about the white man’s life or an albino’s life. The way u put it its like as if an albino’s life matters less. I find ur comment very disturbing

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  11. May the Almighty comfort the bereaved family after loosing their dear relative, who died painfully whilst performing a noble task. To those who did this Devilish task, may God deal with them accordingly.

  12. Thats new malawi iknow,killing albinos persecuting opposition leaders,insulting men of God,will punish this country with its deadly leaders.

  13. Anyone who kills men of god do not stay long they die mysteriously or they are either brutally murdered by their own gang members or killed by animals.

    1. So it was ok if it were an albino being killed? Is that how best u can comment on the matter? What kind of reference is that? Ur very sick

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