Toyota Malawi merges with CFAO


CFAO Malawi Limited and Toyota Malawi Limited have been merged into a single company called CFAO Motors Limited.

On the 28 March 2023, in line with the strengthening of the CFAO Motors network on the African continent, Toyota Malawi Limited announced its change of name to CFAO Motors Limited.

The CFAO Group subsidiary, which has been present in Malawi since 2002, is the sole official national distributor of new vehicles from several international brands – Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, and Volkswagen.

The subsidiary also distributes industrial vehicles built by Hino. By adopting this new name, CFAO Motors Limited is aligning itself with the wide range of services offered by the company, as well as with the global rebranding implemented by CFAO Group for subsidiaries of the CFAO Mobility division.

The merger between these two entities is effective from 14 March 2023, and therefore the assets and liabilities of CFAO Malawi Limited has been taken over and assumed by CFAO Motors Limited (formerly Toyota Malawi Limited) from this date.

The activities are now united in a single company with two business units: Toyota and Multi-brands. CFAO Motors remains the sole official national distributor of new Toyota, Hino, Suzuki, Ford and Volkswagen vehicles.

“CFAO Motors is a strong brand that embodies a broad automotive value chain, going beyond the Toyota brand. In Malawi, we also want to be part of this name change adopted by the Group on the continent, and for our corporate name to be aligned with our diverse range of services,” says Ian Howden, CFAO Managing Director.

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