Airtel Malawi adds new Chezani bundles


Airtel Malawi has revamped its popular voice bundle portfolio Chezani by adding three new bundles that can be used to call numbers from other networks.

The bundles are Chezani Daily K200 (for 10 minutes); Chezani Weekly K500 (for 30 minutes); and Chezani Monthly K2,000 (for 140 minutes).

According to Airtel Marketing Director, Thokozani Kamkondo-Sande, the three Chezani bundles will be on promotional offer for 90 days from 28 March until 26 June and will be accessible under the ‘Airtel to all networks’ option on the *301# or My Airtel mobile App menu listed as ‘Chezani Bundles’.

“With the world becoming more connected than ever, it’s essential for friends, family, and colleagues to always stay in touch regardless of the network that they are using. And that is why we have created these New Chezani bundles to keep Malawians connected anytime, anywhere, regardless of their network. All they have to do is have an Airtel SIM card,” said Sande.

She added that the new Chezani bundle price ranges and minutes have been tailored for our customers who might want to make a few quick calls or chat for hours on end.

In addition to the three new Chezani voice bundles that will work across the country’s local networks, Airtel Malawi has also brought back the Chezani Daily K100 bundle offering 5 minutes for Airtel-to-Airtel calls.

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