Matola distances himself from bogus Facebook Page


Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola says scammers have created a fake Facebook page bearing his name “Ibrahim Matola” in order to steal from Malawians.

Speaking through his Public Relations Officer Marshall Dyton, Matola says the page has been created by people with ill-intentions to scam Malawians.

According to the minister, the fake Facebook page is circulating on social media accompanied with someone’s picture.

The Facebook page claims that Ministry of Energy is offering solar power grants to investors in collaboration with IRENA, which is false and fraudulent.

“For correct information about the Ngwee Ngwee Ngwee Fund please contact the project coordinator by sending email to [email protected],” Dyton says.

Matola cautions Malawians not to trust any information posted on the fake page and to avoid making any financial transactions with it.

“These are people with bad intentions who set up the page in order to defraud Malawians. Be alert! ”

“I have reported the page to Facebook in order for them to take action against these individuals. You can also help help with reporting the page too before they continue harming innocent people. I will be reporting these evil people to the police for impersonation,” Matola says through his Public Relations Officer.


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