Does Gambling Make You Rich?


Lots and lots of people think they’re special. They believe that fortune is on their side, and they express this belief through various forms of gambling. But how much weight does this conviction hold? In this article we will explore the possibility of becoming rich through gambling, ways in which it may be achieved, and give the definitive answer to the question “Does gambling make you rich?”

First, let’s discuss where you can gamble in order to minimize logistical losses. You can, of course, try traditional means, such as offline bookmakers and casinos, but it would prove exceptionally difficult for you to try online gambling. You can bet on SportyBet or other similar platforms, and in the case of you wanting to play some sort of game like slots or poker, you can also try your luck first on sites not too dissimilar.z

Roll the Dice: the Possibility of Winning at the Casino

Casinos are a strange bunch. Your experience with them and your winnings may and probably will vary. Winning at the casino is a matter of two things. Your actual ability and dumb luck. The former of which is the only controllable variable. You simply can’t influence the outcome of a spin or a deck shuffle. You can, however, break the system. Card counting, calculation of probability, and other such things are the only reliable options for winning at the casino as far as we know. You can’t really call it cheating since the casinos themselves are built on the premise of fooling you.

There are, of course, exceptions. At the game of poker, your skill is the bigger factor than luck, so if you are good at the game, you are bound to win most of the time.

And there are online casinos, which are impervious to any potential manipulations. You can’t really count the deck, which is non-existent, or calculate a possibility enough in a game whose patterns are either absolutely random or rigged in the casino’s favor.

Overall, casinos are not an option for everyone. They are just too risky for your average punter. Players usually aim way above their level with games like blackjack or backgammon, and subsequently fail miserably and lose a ton of money.

One in a Million: Winning a Lottery

The lottery as a concept has been around for quite some time. The first recorded case of one was found in France in 1539. It was state-run and the aim was to raise some cash in order to finance the numerous wars and discovery expeditions of the era.

Modern lotteries are pretty much the same, but instead of being state-run endeavors, their aim is to get some money into the organizers’ pockets. The lottery is not designed for you to win, but to sell you the idea of winning at a cost so petty, you won’t even regret it. The chance of winning the grand prix is about 1 in 14 million. And the sum that is won is a meager fraction of the money being pocketed by the organizers.

There is an obvious pro to the lottery, though. Participating in one is very cheap, so testing one’s luck in the lottery is an effort quite facile.

A Safe Bet: Making Money on Sports Wagering

Sports betting is the place where a keen mind can truly shine. The reasons are better odds and more strict rules of probability. Basically, if you know what to bet on, have the data, statistics, and a well-thought-out plan, you have a higher probability of winning than in the previous cases.

Sports have a pattern and have definitive information about teams, players, and outcomes. All you need to do, really, is to analyze those, compare the odds presented by the bookie, and pick a winner. You can start out small, betting a couple of dollars here and there, and when your skills improve, make it big. Just keep your head straight out there, alright?

We recommend you use online sportsbooks. They are fair and comparatively more comfortable than the offline ones.

In Conclusion

So, can you really become rich off of gambling? Most certainly. Every method presented on this list can make you a millionaire. Some are better than others, of course, but broadly speaking, each one has some potential in it. We, however, do not advise you to gamble everything you have away. There is a fine line between a proper punter and a gambling addict. The name of which is moderation. Always know your limits. There is nothing to frown upon a bet here and there or a lottery ticket bought with change. Even casinos are plainly fun and can be a very relaxing experience. Still, know your limits. Not everyone is bound to be the next Ed Thorp or Phill Ivey. However, everyone is allowed to have some good old-fashioned fun and a bit of the thrill that comes with gambling.

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