‘Psychic’ elephant in Thailand predicts Portugal will win Euro 2016 final


Star elephant Phlai Khwan Surin has picked Portugal to win Euro 2016 in a prediction held on Saturday at the elephant village in tambon Thapho in Thatum district, the Bangkong Post reports.

Star elephant Phlai Khwan Surin

Star elephant Phlai Khwan Surin predicts Portugal will win the match.

In preparing for the prediction, organisers set up a table with sugarcane leaves and chopped stems laid beautifully on top. Two watermelons were placed on the table, about one metre apart. The word “France” was written on one of the watermelons and “Portogal” on the other.

”At the time for the prediction, the star elephant for the event was brought before the table for the prediction. The elephant picked the watermelon with the word “Portugal” on it. This meant “Portugal” was predicted to be the winner. Suthat Thaokhunthod, an official for educational affairs at the elephant centre, said the purpose of organising the prediction was to make the Euro 2016 final more colourful, not to support gambling.” a report by the Bangkong Post reads.

Phlai Khwan Surin, a 27-year-old male elephant of the village, had appeared in a number of films, notably King Naresuan The Great, Part 1-3.-Bangkong Post.

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