Invest in Universities – Mutharika tells Africa 

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has told African countries to invest in universities if they are to develop economically.

Mutharika made the remarks in Ethiopia after receiving an honorary degree from Addis Ababa University.

In his remarks during his conferment of the degree, President Mutharika pointed out the importance universities to any country’s development agenda.

He encouraged his fellow African leaders to put universities at the centre of the African project.

The Malawi leader said Africans need to make leading minds that will make a new Africa.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika (L) receiving an honorary degree from Addis Ababa University.

“African leaders need to put considerable focus on university education to facilitate a paradigm shift towards an economically independent continent. The destiny of African countries lies in how we invest in our universities,” he said.

Mutharika also urged the university’s graduates to make a difference since Ethiopia is waiting for their contributions.

“Africa needs progressive minds. Our collective project is to attain more economic autonomy and end poverty of our people in the decades to come. Every African must be made to realise that African problems can best be solved by Africans,” Mutharika stressed.

The Malawi leader also utilized his renown in the academic circles to engage the graduating students on several key aspects of how one can translate academic excellence into tangible development both at micro and macro levels.

“The rest of the world can support us, and they do graciously support us as a common family of humankind. But it is our duty to save our African situation. The African university must be the first to lead us in this thinking. The first university in the world came from Africa and the African university can lead Africa,” he said.

The President spent some good years in Ethiopia in the 1970s when he taught at the institution at a time it was known as University of Haille Sellasie.

Early this year President Mutharika was appointed Champion of Higher Education for the Regional Universities Forum (RUFORUM), a role that has made him a figure of repute within the continent’s academic sphere.




  2. Good teacher gives an example before an assignment why busy adviceing other countries while his country is struggling .To me I see like some dreaming to have a child while u are chiumba

    1. And what are they going to do after they have a degree? It’s also ‘pathetic seeing thousands sitting 4’ degrees and only a hundred getting a job.

  3. Amwene, Prisoners Cant Walk Without Warderes, So How Can Them Use That Buses?, Adzipitira Kuti?, Sindikuti Si Anthu Koma Ma Bus Amenewowo Sangakweredwe Ndi Ma Prisoners, Adzigwiritsidwa Ntchito Za Personal Remember This Is Malawi. Last Of Last Week I Saw Students From MUST Board A Lorry For Their Trip Guys Is That Fair?

  4. Invest in creating real jobs!!!! We have hundreds, if not thousands of university graduates who can’ get a job in Malawi. I swear that this man doesn’t have a clue about running a country 🙁

    1. Mmmm, well he’s too old to see the end result, I suppose. We have a fabulous stadium that probably fewer than 10% of the population can ever afford to go to; We have a “5 Star” (very questionable) hotel that most people (tourists and visitors included) can’t afford to stay at; We have an overstyled university miles from any real centre of population; we have a parliament building that even the parliamentarians can’t be bothered to go to: we have people starving in the villages; water rationing in our capital city; an electricity grid that can’t even provide electricity for the mere 9% of the population who have access to it; roads that are beyond a joke. Some experiment!!!

  5. Prisoners are human beings too, who needs decency and basics like everyone else. Mind you tomorrow you might be one of the inmates there who is going to enjoy that bus.

  6. kkk…investing in University by raising fees… Malawi university fees is quarter of monthly budget 4governing Malawi…Shame!

  7. How Can Them Invest In Universities Yet The Govt Itself Is Failing To Invest In Those Facilities, They Gave Prisoners Marcopollo Whilst Those Universities They Have No Sufficient Buses… Palibe Mzeru Apa

    1. I dont think they gave it to prisoners but to prison service, its your department u must know it fully nigga. That bus will help facilitate the services offered to prisoners as well as the public, so don’t think prisoners will be riding it like the university students do, the staff will

    2. Kaya Ok Ok! Komabe I Dnt Think There’s Wise Coz Students Are Suffering Interms Of Travelling.. Go And See Bus Ya Chanco And Poly… Kaya Sompikisano Thats My Thot

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