Politics of appeasement impeding development – Chisi

John Chisi.

Malawi’s Opposition Umodzi Party president Professor John Chisi says there is a  need to translate individual visions at a national level for the common advantage of this country.

In an interview with Malawi24, Chisi said it is only when Malawians starts having a vision at individual level and translate it to a national level that Malawi will have a common advantage and reward  saying politics of appeasement are impeding development.

He said politicians want the system to improve their own life without translating the benefits to a national level.

“Parties which have failed to appease their members have become undefined making the leadership futile to sustain its people,” he said.

John Chisi.
Chisi: Appeasements eating Malawi up.

Chisi urged other politicians to have a common agenda which is for nation building.

He said: “There are a lot of selfish motives by politicians for self-benefit and not for the general good of the nation. It becomes difficult for people in leadership not to appease. If they don’t appease the whole system will crumble because members starts feeling they have not benefitted and start saying wrong things.

“This becomes a problem in terms of leadership. This is why independent Members of Parliament (MP) basically know that later they will join the ruling party to be considered for favours.”

According to Chisi politicians regard favouritism as a more important principle and this  has led to fading away of common goals. He added that people should understand politics as any job and get motivated by the service.

“A leader should be transparent and accountable and be above board. Leadership is a reflection of a common goal and common good. As Umodzi people should be united and focus in building the nation rather than individual gain which not will create prosperity for all,” said Chisi.

He further said that Malawi will not develop unless leaders starts appreciating the reasons they are in position.



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