Musician Thomas Chibade laid to rest in Lilongwe

Thomas Chibade was a Malawian musician with songs such as Freedom Fighter

Malawian musician Thomas Chibade has been laid to rest at Area 18 Cemetery in Lilongwe where fans sang songs as they said goodbye to the artist.

Chibade aged 37 died on October 18 at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Today, hundreds of people gathered at Mgona in Lilongwe for the musician’s funeral. Attendees included government officials and musicians some of whom performed at the ceremony.

Speaking during the funeral, a representative from the Musicians Union of Malawi faulted politicians for only showing up for musicians during funerals, saying musicians lack support when they are alive.

However, Minister of Local Government Richard Chimwendo Banda said politicians do not attend funerals to gain popularity and that is why they do not wear party colors at funerals. He also argued that politicians support musicians by hiring them for their activities.

People during the funeral of Thomas Chibade
Mourners during the funeral

He then said that Chibade was a talented young man who entertained people and educated them through his music.

He also described Chibade as a humble artist, saying demands from people in the area that the musician should be buried in Lilongwe and not Zomba as planned by his family shows that Chibade was loved by people at Mgona.

Following the funeral ceremony, mourners embarked on the journey to Area 18 Cemetery to bury the musical legend.

During the journey, young people who were carrying leaves were chanting ‘Mukamva Hi! Ho! Chibade wabwera (Chibade is here) and ‘Tiika tokha Chibade’ (We will be bury Chibade ourselves). At the cemetery, the fans were also singing Chibade’s songs.

Chibade came ito the spotlight in the early 200s with his Album Zatukusira. He is known for hits such as ‘Mawu Anga’, ‘Freedom Fighter’.