Malawians don’t support musicians – Shammah Vocals


Gospel artist Shammah Vocals has lamented over lack of support from Malawians.

Writing on his Facebook page, the Blantyre based artist has emphasized that limited support from the audience hampers artists` growth.

“You organise a show/concert and say K1000 at the door, it is a burden to most people to attend. Which makes it difficult being a Malawian musician, because no matter how much effort you put to raise the standard and compete on the international market, it starts with disappointments from home,” he said

The My Zoe hit-maker has added that the situation is worse for gospel artists because they get isolated in projects which needs musicians` input.

“Being a Malawian gospel artist means you are isolated/segregated in most public programs including the cooperate society.”

Shammah further argues that it is not reasonable to blame artists when they pursue other lucrative avenues because the environment have proved to be harsh for artistic growth.

“Don’t blame musicians when they quit, don’t blame them if they go into other industries. Don’t mock them in their presence. Don’t laugh at them when you see them walking in the streets (Kufufuta Nyerere). We try but our country fail us.”

In reaction to the message, established gospel musician Thocco Katimba concurs with Shammah.

“You are right Mr Bongo Master. It’s not easy not easy to be a musician in Malawi and much worse to be a gospel artist,” said Katimba

Most Malawian musicians lack sponsorship, thus they struggle to meet the production cost. A lucky few musicians have management deals which provide their needs along artistic lines.