Tchereni given seven days to resign

Dr Betchani Tchereni is a Malawia economist and pundit who provides opinions on economic issues

The Center for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has given Secretary to the Treasury Betchani Tchereni seven days to resign honourably for insensitive remarks made in a viral video clip.

In a letter made available to this publication, CDEDI Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa, said that Tchereni’s sentiments are not befitting of a public servant. Therefore, he demanded a public apology from him or his resignation within seven days.

Namiwa contends that Tchereni, as the ST, should strive to work quietly to achieve the delicate balance between political desires and harsh economic realities on the ground, without becoming the mouthpiece of the same people who are responsible for this mess.

Sylvester Namiwa
Namiwa: Tchereni must resign.

He asserts that Tchereni’s accusation of blackmail against Malawians in the video clip is unjust because they are demanding the value of their votes as citizens of the country.

“We at CDEDI, find your sentiments as an insult to the Malawian voters. To say the least, the aforementioned clip has sent shock waves down the spines of well-meaning Malawians, especially those who used to listen and believe in your economic commentaries, before you decided to join the public service as Secretary of Treasury (ST),” says Namiwa.

He accused Tchereni of being busy producing videos that will not benefit Malawians instead of addressing the problems that the country is facing, which include the economic gaps caused by the 44 per cent devaluation of the local currency.

“Given the above, we find it strange that instead of working in silence to tame domestic borrowing, you have conveniently forgotten that this is a democracy where power belongs to the voters, and you have started making futile attempts to accuse the same people that are paying the price for your cluelessness and incompetence.

“It is an open secret that the Malawi economy has deteriorated under your watch due to, among others; state-sponsored corruption, low productivity, high inflation and high cost of living,” he said.

He said CDEDI, being a mouth-piece of the voiceless citizenry has spoken on behalf of millions of Malawians who are struggling to make ends meet, while paying ST Tchereni’s salary including fuel for his vehicles, through taxes after the irrefutable observation that the statements in the video clip that has gone viral on social media are careless and highly insensitive. 

Meanwhile, Tchereni is yet to confirm receipt of the letter in question.


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