Govt urged to incorporate private schools in various initiatives

Ernest Kaonga

In a bid to improve the country’s educational standards, the Malawi government has been advised to always include privately owned schools in various developments.

This was said on Wednesday after officials from the Private Schools Association of Malawi (PRISAM) and the Independent Schools Association of Malawi (ISAMA) appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Education at the parliament building in Lilongwe.

The education committee pursued discussions with the two institutions regarding their respective roles and how they may best support the government’s efforts to strengthen the education system in the country, among other things.

Ernest Kaonga
Kaonga: government should always take an inclusive stance.

Addressing the media after the meeting, PRISMAM president Dr Ernest Kaonga emphasized that the realization of Human Capital Development, a key component of the Malawi 2063 Vision, requires a highly educated citizenry.

Kaonga went on to say that to raise the standard, equity, and effectiveness of education in Malawi, the government should always take an inclusive stance and ensure that all schools, public or private, benefit from all government initiatives.

For instance, he pleaded with the Malawi government to, “include teachers from private schools in the training programmes for the new curriculum. An inclusive approach would be beneficial because many private school teachers are not sufficiently prepared for the new curriculum.”

Kaonga has then assured the committee that his organization is dedicated to advancing the government’s educational objectives, among other things by ensuring that all private schools in Malawi are properly registered and compliant with operating regulations.


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