George Chaponda urges Luchenza Municipal Council to enhance service delivery and revenue utilization


George Chaponda, Parliamentarian for Mulanje South West, has called on the Luchenza Municipal Council to embrace innovation and use its revenue more effectively to enhance service delivery within the municipality.

In his remarks following the council’s elective meeting today, Chaponda, whose constituency extends into the municipality, emphasized the importance of creating a conducive business environment. 

He urged the council to streamline processes so that vendors can pay city rates without grievances, thereby improving revenue collection and service delivery.

Chaponda, who serves as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, also expressed his vision for the Chonde trading centre to be developed into a prominent rural growth centre. 

He believes that with proper planning and utilization of resources, the municipality can achieve significant economic and infrastructural improvements.

Wanyapakucha Macphens Mzumara, the Chief Executive Officer of the council, outlined ongoing and upcoming initiatives, including the installation of street lights and the development of 36 high-rise apartments designated for police officers. 

These projects are part of the council’s broader strategy to improve infrastructure and public safety in the municipality.

In the council’s recent elections, Syze Simeji from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was re-elected as mayor, with Eliot Ndalama, a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ward councillor, serving as deputy mayor.

The re-elections signal a continuity in leadership and a potential reinforcement of ongoing municipal projects and policies.

Chaponda’s call for greater efficiency and innovation reflects a broader desire to see tangible improvements in municipal management and service delivery. 

As Luchenza Municipal Council moves forward with its initiatives, the focus on effective revenue utilization and strategic development is expected to play a crucial role in the municipality’s growth and progress.


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